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The press offers you a weekly testimony intended to illustrate what really happens behind the bedroom door, in the private sphere, far removed from statistics and standards. Today: Chloé*, 38 years old.

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Silvia Galipeau

Silvia Galipeau
The press

Chloé* likes to please, she likes to seduce – basically she likes to turn things on. In addition, she has recently been taking photos and videos. But beware: practically only. Here’s how. And here is the main reason why.

“Men have always attracted me, I’ve always liked to please, I’ve always wanted a lover. I had my first love when I was 13 and it was fantastic, says the 30-year-old, who I recently met in a bistro in Vaudreuil. Yes, it’s young, but it was really intentional and thought out. From the first relationship I had an orgasm! »

Her story lasts two years. Chloe then had another boyfriend (“I must feel wanted, but I didn’t feel it at all with this guy”) a few weeks before she met who would become her husband and the man in her life. Yes, at 15!

“We were in secondary school 3 and it was love at first sight. The love, the sex, it was wonderful. We were always together! And they still are.

Sitting apart for more privacy, the discreet blue-eyed brunette looks like an ordinary mother. And she knows it. Dressed simply, in a T-shirt dress and hardly any make-up, she could be “the mother next door, the neighbor who soccer mom. An ordinary person who hid it! she says smiling, her eyes suddenly sparkling. “That” is her secret, from her (a friend and also her mother) and, not insignificant detail, her spouse. The reason for our interview.

We moved in together when we were 17. […] And not a day goes by that we don’t say we love each other. It really is like in a fairy tale.

Chloé, 38 years old

It’s been more than 20 years and yes, despite the children, life, all that, she was always fulfilled, never wanted to cheat on him, in short everything is for the best in the best of all worlds. Almost.

“It was always passion, love, orgasms […]. But with children I forgot myself as a woman. […] I was a housewife. […] And everything passed me by. »

It took him years to realize that. Actually until recently. At the turn of the year, during a traditional family retrospective. “Every year, she explains, we write down what we’ve done, what we want to do, what we want to improve. And me, I stood in front of my box and didn’t know what to write. […] It really hit me. »

Of course, “it’s not nothing, I have a husband, children. […] But I have achieved nothing as a woman, she continues. Yes, I raised children, that’s a lot, but it’s not necessarily acknowledged. »

As proof: His last job was in a video store. “I wanted to do something for myself. »

Chloe spoke to her husband about it. Reflexive. Thought of the possibilities. And it was he who one fine day came up with the idea of ​​creating an erotic site, you guessed it. Carrément: a cheeky page on social networks. “Let’s see! It doesn’t make any sense! What will people say? I’m not sexy enough! Only here: The idea didn’t exactly come out of nowhere. And after thinking about it, she saw the obvious: “I like sex very, I have a strong libido, I like exploring, talking to people, charming, very much. I like it a lot…” she emphasizes. Oh yes, and she also wants to do something from home. So why not?

Monsieur took care of the security/confidentiality aspect, she took care of the content. She took their photos, recorded their videos, and they dug together the marketing strategy, if you allow the expression (“and that’s a whole world!”). Results ? “I thought I was beautiful, naked and in lingerie! »

It’s funny, it’s like I’m a different person. My god, is it me? I am so beautiful!

Chloé, 38 years old

Chloe doesn’t just think she’s beautiful, she thinks she’s “proud”. Proud of her and what she is doing here. Finally. “It’s beautiful, it’s like art, erotic art,” she says, smiling. I discovered that I had two personalities […]. Old Chloe and new. And it’s as if the message has always been there, but muffled. »

Speaking of performance, and after months of “work” (here she prefers to call it “passion”), Chloé also has a nice subscriber count. Paying subscribers, of course, even if she doesn’t do it for the money, let me say. “We are doing very well financially […]. I really don’t need the money. »

Chloé even fell in love with one of them (her very first subscriber, a guy in Australia) with whom she compulsively (though less now) exchanged (and still exchanges) for several months. “It was really virtual,” she specifies, and no, her husband didn’t see the slightest concern. On the other hand. We understand he’s proud to see his wife flourish here, he’s even encouraged her. “No problem, open your heart. »

Also, this new life has added a lot of spice to her bed. “My sex life is more exciting, she confirms, because I’m excited all day. Then when we’re together, sparks fly! »

She has confided in her for almost two hours. Questions race through our heads: does she consider herself a sex worker (no, not at all, more of a “tease,” she laughs, and purely “virtual”); How far will she go (approximately we’ll see, but no further) and her children in all of this? “I’m an adult, it’s legal and it makes me happy,” she explained to them, because yes, everything will be known in the end and she knows it. And my adult life, my intimacy, isn’t really any of her business…”

Also, Chloe totally takes over. “Me, a guy looking at me makes me happy, passes her. The most important thing in life is to respect yourself and do what you love. »

She also wants to remind us of this from her story. “I love it so much, I want to tell everyone! […] I hope people who read my story will be inspired to do what they love too,” she concludes, before adding, “even if it’s less socially acceptable…”

* Fictitious first names to protect anonymity.

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