Videotron Center: Formula for Success for Bryan Adams

Bryan Adams has long found the winning formula to shake up the crowds, and as with each of his visits to Quebec on Saturday night at the Videotron Center, he used it to deliver an impressive rock ‘n’ roll party to his loyal and adoring admirers. .

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His recipe is simple: play all his hits, dose new things well, put the audience in the back pocket of his indispensable jeans with his natural charisma and a few words in charming English-French.

As with recent visits from Scorpions, Pearl Jam and Backstreet Boys, it was a triumph of confident and comforting nostalgia.

For the thousands of fans gathered at the Videotron Center for this third concert in six years, Bryan Adams represents a large part of their youth and many memories are tied to his music. It’s so much those glued “slows” that get danced to the sound of them Heaven, that the discovery of the music video of run to you at the fair video hitswho we caught late afternoon on the way home from school.

Of course, all his classics were on the program for this lavish 25-song concert, which drew ovation after ovation.

Bryan Adams, in concert this Saturday, in Quebec at the Videotron Center.

Photo Didier Debusschere

Extend the achievements

At 62, therefore, we do not repeat. Or finally yes, a little bit. What other artist of Bryan Adams’ stature can deliver a track from his latest album that is aptly named and very energetic great in this case, to lay down fire as effectively as soon as hostilities begin?

The Quebec favorite was also very adept at incorporating four titles So happy it hurts, which was released in early 2022, on his show without creating any downtime. And then I was looking for youwhich capped off a tasty episode of retro rock.

Throughout the evening, this outstanding leader of the crowd enjoyed having the audience sing in his place or putting the music on hold to provoke shouts. He also stretched out his hits, sometimes adding a guitar solo or repeating a verse and chorus just to give it a little extra.

In this chapter, the electrifying interpretation of It’s just loveat which guitarist Keith Scott boasted of wildly pinching the strings was one of the highlights of the evening.

love story

During his career, Bryan Adams has rarely resorted to an elaborate set design, but he put in a little effort on Saturday by flying an inflatable car similar to the one on the cover of So happy it hurts in the amphitheater.

His joke about the return of hockey to Quebec fell flat, but not his interventions in Molière’s language, which were much appreciated. He also wowed audiences when he sang Here I am entirely in french.

As a reminder, the umpteenth round of applause that greeted the final row Straight from the heart and Anything for love recalled that Bryan Adams’ relationship with the Quebec public was one of the heart. And being able to come back as often as he likes always gives him a warm welcome.

♦ After games in Alma, Trois-Rivières and Quebec, Bryan Adams ends his stay in the provinces at the Bell Center in Montreal on Monday evening.

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