The British Monarchy and Money

Queen Elizabeth II’s personal wealth from her investments, artworks, jewelery and real estate holdings was estimated at £340 million (CAD$514 million) in 2015 Sunday times.

The Queen had a reputation for being frugal and used the same CA$12 nail polish for 30 years. His only extravagance: the horses, which cost him up to CAD 900,000 a year. Horse racing earned him nearly $9.2 million in prize money with 451 victories.

His fortune and how it will be distributed among his heirs remains a mystery. The wills of the British sovereign and other members of the British royal family are private.

No inheritance tax

Due to an agreement she has with the UK Government, no inheritance tax is due on the Queen’s personal wealth. The Queen announced in 1992 that she would pay taxes from now on. But she never disclosed the amount paid to the tax authorities.

In flight out Paradise papers In 2017, it was revealed that around $12 million was invested by the Queen in tax havens Bermuda and the Cayman Islands, two British colonies.

It should be noted that the Royal Collection – which includes a collection of works of art, royal residences and the crown jewels – is not part of the sovereign’s personal fortune. The Crown Jewels include over 300 jewels valued at around $4 billion. The Royal Collection will pass to Charles III and will be available to Camilla as Queen Consort.

That kingspaying tourist

The British monarchy as a brand was valued at around $88 billion by valuation consultancy Brand Finance in 2017.

The Royal Family generates nearly £500 million (CAD$750 million) in tourism revenue each year, including attracting visitors to historic royal sites such as Buckingham Palace, Windsor Castle and the Tower of London.

Official spending from the Queen and her family, released in June 2022, shows that the monarchy cost UK taxpayers £102.4 million (CAD$154 million) in 2021-22, a 17% year-on-year increase .

The British Sovereign and other members of the Royal Family receive Canadian funds to carry out their duties only when in Canada or when representing Canada in official capacity abroad.

Shame on anyone who thinks wrong!

Queen Elizabeth was the symbol of British national identity, the unity of her kingdom, its stability and its continuity. If this image of success and excellence in Charles III. Have consisted?

Elizabeth’s well deserved monarchy. She and her family have earned the monarchy well.

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