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The queen of the country – and of the Festival western de St-Tite – left us on December 18, 2021, just before the start of the tour Against all odds with his cosmic brother Paul Daraîche. The latter honored her in a very moving way on Saturday, performing pieces from the golden cowgirl’s wide repertoire, surrounded by her precious friends.

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At the premiere of the show, emotions were in the air and tears in my eyes. This is my story, a tribute to the work of Renée Martel on Saturday at the Festival western de St-Tite. Accompanied by Paul Daraîche, Laurence Jalbert, Annie Blanchard, Cindy Bédard, Émilie Daraîche, Nathalie Lord and Patrick Norman came to celebrate the one who was a friend, a mentor, an inspiration, even a second mother. Only Isabelle Boulay had to miss the touching celebration, as she was suffering from a voice problem that had lasted for a few days.

A starry sky in homage to the Queen of St-Tite was created for a moment (thanks to the flashlights of hundreds of smartphones) when this show began, all in sobriety, in beautiful moments and in a smile despite the pain, like the one who missed their first ever St Tite festival would have liked it, but all friends on stage trusted to feel the presence.


It’s a life devoted to singing – a 70-year career – that the band of fellow singers and musicians wanted to highlight. That is why pieces from all eras and all stages of Renée Martel’s life were delivered – excellently.

From his first song In a corner of heaven at I’ll be backpass lying eyes of the Eagles (the group she adored and a play by Patrick Norman, who was just celebrating his 76th birthday), this tribute show was run by generous friends who wanted to honor those who saw Quebec leave too soon.

Above all, Annie Blanchard offered particularly touching and successful interpretations of golden cowgirl and from This is my story. Laurence Jalbert got the crowd taking turns singing and crying, singing the movement tell me about him.

touching moments

One of the most touching moments was certainly when Paul Daraîche shared the very last recording of the voice of his amazing friend, with whom he had just made an album and was about to go on tour.

“If you want to sing it for her with me, he launched into the visibly moved audience before singing a track from the album Against all odds. She was so proud of our album. We were close. »

It was also a great idea to bring all the singers together to deliver a potpourri of well-known tunes, which the 1,500 crowd sang at the top of their lungs and in unison; including the essential and the joyful I have a love that doesn’t want to die.

Surrounded by Renée Martel’s musicians, her artist friends delighted her admirers, who knew each of the pieces performed by heart. Early admirers who had braved the heat and sun came and took part in this sweet tribute in his image.

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