Convicted with a straw after 12 years of threatening an actress

American actress Eva LaRue had a 12-year nightmare when a man sent her many particularly violent threatening letters.

After his arrest in 2019, the defendant James David Rogers was sentenced to 40 months in prison last Thursday. He had previously pleaded guilty to threatening and molesting charges.

The story began in March 2007 when the actress received the first of several dozen letters in which whoever posed as “Freddie Krueger” promised to rape and kill her.

“There is no place on the planet where I cannot find you,” he wrote in one of his letters.

The man also wrote that he will do the same for Eva LaRue’s baby daughter, who was only five years old when the first letters were sent. When the child was 13 years old, the person even began sending mail addressed directly to the teenager.

“I am the man who has been stalking (your mother) for the past seven years. Now I have my eyes on you,” read a 2015 letter.

“You look so pretty in your photos on Google. Are you ready to be the mother of my child?” the man wrote in another letter.

He also started calling the girl’s school, claiming he was her father and would pick her up.

Eva LaRue was so terrified that she sold her home in Southern California to move to Italy with her family for several months.

The actress eventually returned to California where she bought a new home but under a company name to protect her identity. Despite all the precautions she had taken, letters began to be delivered to her new address.

For years, the FBI collected DNA evidence found on the letters without being able to match them to anyone.

In 2019, investigators decided to use genetic genealogy to attempt to uncover the identity of the individual.

Through this technique, they managed to identify James David Roger and then began monitoring him. One day the man went to a restaurant to eat. The FBI saw him eat his food and throw his trash in a dumpster.

The officers then secured the suspect’s table scraps; They extracted his DNA from the straw of his soft drink and compared it to that of the letters. Because there was a DNA match, the police were able to arrest the man in his apartment in November 2019.

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