10 Quebec couples who have been dating for a long time

Ah darling, the one with a capital A! So do many people who have had the pleasure of sharing their lives with one and the same person for a long time.

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They say love lasts three years, but for many people in love it’s very different. In the Quebec star system, names spring to mind when we think of idyllic couples who have been together for a number of years. There is certainly something you can take inspiration from!

Here are 10 couples that always make us dream.

1) Eric Bruneau and Kim Levesque-Lizotte

The couple of these two Quebec artists is a dream because they are great together, but there is much more to it than that. They have been together since 2014 and went on hiatus from September 2015 to March 2016. It didn’t break her at all, they’ve been together more than ever ever since! They are parents to little Marguerite, born in 2018, and recently wrote a series together, Before the crashwhich brings them together in their passion for writing and television.

2) Corey Hart and Julie Mass

What a love story as these two lovebirds who have been together since 1994! Julie and Corey fell in love while working together on Julie’s second album. They had four children together and are still spinning the perfect fortune. They still have sweet loving gestures for each other even 28 years later.

3) Veronique Cloutier and Louis Morrissette

the power couple Quebec show business celebrated 10 years of marriage and more than 21 years of union this year. We love following their love story so much and they know how to share their everyday life with their audience. They often open the doors of their intimacy. The couple have three children.

4) Debbie Lynch-White and Marina Gallant

The two pigeons are adorable with their various publications on social networks that give the right to intervene in their daily lives. The couple has been together since 2015 and tied the knot on July 15, 2017 after just over a year of engagement. Your declarations of love are so touching!

5) Catherine Brunet and Antoine Pilon

Catherine Brunet grew up in the public eye. We’re thinking of her for starring in Charlotte’s World, Walk in the Shadows or even all those appearances over the years, she’s well known to Quebecers. Catherine spins luck with Antoine Pilon, her playing partner Between two sheets, for more than seven years. They met on the set of the youth series The cottage.

6) Etienne Boulay and Maika Desnoyers

The couple that these two project-packed personalities form will celebrate 10 years of love in January 2023. The two had one child each prior to their union. Together they welcomed two daughters, Anna, and their surprise baby, Livia. They recently welcomed a Ukrainian teenager into their home for next year. So inspiring!

7) Bianca Gervais and Sebastian Diaz

We can easily qualify that of Bianca Gervais and Sébastien Diaz as our favorite couple. They have been accomplices for more than 13 years and have two daughters and a thousand and one projects together. We can regularly witness their declarations of love on social networks; they support each other at all times.

8) Marie-Eve Janvier and Jean-Francois Breau

The couple we saw met in the early 2000s when Marie-Eve and Jean-François were in the musical Don Juan. They have been together for 18 years and have two daughters, Léa and Laurence. Surprisingly, the two lovers got married in October 2021 in an intimate and glowing ceremony.

9) Virginie Coossa and Claude Meunier

Husband and wife couple Virginie Coossa and Claude Meunier surprised more than one when they formalized the matter. They look like an enduring and surprising couple. They got married this summer after 10 years of love.

10) Anouk Meunier and Daniel Melancon

It’s more than 12 years of love, celebrated this year by presenter Anouk Meunier and sports columnist Daniel Melançon. They are parents of little Arnaud, who was born in 2019.

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