Rafaëlle Roy confirms what many feared

We had suspected that for a long time. Rafaëlle Roy and Joffrey Charles have ended their relationship. It’s not through stories on her Instagram account that Rafaëlle has officially clarified.

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Commenting on the question she gets most often, the singer and influencer prefaces her decisions to keep the situation under wraps for so long. “First, I just want to state that the choices I make about what I share on my platform are 100% mine. It’s not because I have a platform that I absolutely need to be vulnerable, exposed, and transparent 24/7. It’s not because I’m not transparent, it’s because I listen to myself. First and foremost it is about respecting and honoring my need to heal alone and away from the public eye.

Instagram / Rafaelle Roy

Rafaëlle continues, pointing out that “we have shown ourselves and it is really valid to ask the question, moreover I thank you for your great tenderness and patience and understanding and your love and generosity, I receive it.”

Instagram / Rafaelle Roy

Then she reveals the truth about her relationship with the father of her children. “I was convinced that this was my life, that this would be my life for the rest of my life, and then we went a different way. If I don’t say it, stones will be thrown at me, if I say it, stones will be thrown at me. I’m just waiting for the comments on Facebook that will destroy me, but I know it’s extremely difficult and I don’t want to experience it on the networks at all.

Instagram / Rafaelle Roy

No reason was given for this. concrete reasons for the separation, out of respect for his family. Rafaëlle points out that it is deeply difficult, but for the better. It’s been some time since their split, and the singer is reassuring her subscribers by suggesting that she’s finding herself and that things are getting better. She also politely asks to continue.

Rafaëlle and Joffrey announced their move to Ontario last year. The house they lived in will not remain their home.

We fully understand that Rafaëlle wants to get out of this state of mind and we wish Joffrey and her all the best in the future.

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