Quebecers don’t want to know anything about Charles III

Already skeptical about the monarchy under Elizabeth II, only 1% of Quebecers believe their new king will do better.

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“Unless he proves otherwise, Charles III. not in the same league as his mother. He doesn’t have his things,” notes Christian Bourque, Vice President of Léger.

The company’s latest poll is unequivocal: a majority of Quebecers polled expect the Queen’s eldest son to be “less good” than them.

“We can conclude that Elizabeth has proven to be a good sovereign for her and that Charles has a hill to climb that is her equal,” added Marc Chevrier, professor of political science at the University of Quebec in Montreal, after reviewing the poll results added.

It must be said that the new 73-year-old monarch has never aroused passions even in English Canada.

When Charles, then a prince, visited the country accompanied by his wife Camilla in 2009, a meager 2% of Canadians believed they would make “strong” monarchs, according to a Léger poll at the time.

His extramarital affair with Camilla and his tumultuous divorce from Lady Di shortly before his death are certainly not unrelated, Mr. Bourque recalls.


However, the poll shows that 15% of respondents remain attached to the monarchy, a percentage that rises to 19% for women. Last year it was 6%, all genders combined.

“Maybe people had a little stab in their hearts. In general, we dislike the institution, but we liked the person, ”explains pollster Christian Bourque.

As evidence, two out of three Quebecers agreed that the government should lower its flags to mark Elizabeth II’s death.

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However, despite this respect for the sovereign, a majority of Francophones (83%) and Anglophones (54%) believe that the monarchy is “useless”.

Mr Bourque sees this as a signal that some Commonwealth countries, including ours, could use it to question their affiliation with the British Crown once the national mourning is over.

The controversies of recent years about the Queen’s representative in Canada in the person of the Governor-General have not improved the picture; Think of Lise Thibault’s overspending, the toxic atmosphere in Julie Payette’s office, or Mary Simon’s monolingualism.

— With Louis Deschenes

Survey 2009

Regarding the monarchy and its relationship with Canada, which statement best describes your opinion?

  • Having the Queen as Head of State is a great tradition and should continue to be part of Canadian culture: 11%
  • The monarchy has no reason to sit in the Canadian government and this country should sever its ceremonial ties with the Queen: 78%

Survey 2021

Do you want to abolish or maintain the monarchy in Canada?

  • Abolish: 74%
  • Maintain: 12%
  • Don’t know: 14%

Are you attached to the monarchy?

  • No: 88%
  • Yes: 6%
  • Don’t know: 6%

Survey 2022

1) Would you say you are personally attached to the British monarchy or not?

  • No: 81%
  • Yes: 15%
  • Don’t know: 5%

2) Do you think that Charles III. will be a better king, as good king, or less good king than Queen Elizabeth II?

  • Best: 1%
  • Worse: 53%
  • Equally good: 18%
  • Don’t know: 28%

3) Do you think the British monarchy has just enough space, too much space, or not enough space in Canadian institutions?

  • Not enough disk space: 2%
  • Just enough space: 33%
  • Too much space: 57%
  • Don’t know: 8%

4) Do you think the monarchy in Canada is useful or useless?

  • Useful: 13%
  • Useless: 77%
  • Don’t know: 10%

5) Which of the following statements best represents what you personally think about the place of the monarchy in Canada?

  • The British monarchy is part of our history, we must preserve this heritage: 26%
  • The monarchy is something outdated that has no place in the 21st century, we need to get rid of that: 66%
  • Don’t know: 8%

6) Do you agree or disagree with the Quebec government’s decision to lower the Quebec flags?

  • Agree: 65%
  • Disagree: 21%
  • Don’t know: 14%

Methodology: Léger conducted a web poll yesterday among 505 Quebecers who can speak French or English. The maximum margin of error for such a sample is plus or minus 4.4%, 19 out of 20.

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