QS: and it teaches others!

You know what they say about nature: try to drive it away and it will gallop back.

We can try to camouflage, refine, invent, but sooner or later the truth will surface again.

You can hope for a cat to bark or a dog to meow, but it won’t work because nature didn’t want it that way.


The true nature of Québec solidaire galloped back this week, despite its management’s efforts to hide it.

In order to grow, QS needs to acquire new customers.

A number of podcasts, particularly the one on disarming the police, will be removed as a result.

Mr Nadeau-Dubois then tells us that his party is concerned about the middle class and their wallets.

Since he’s a good actor, he found a way to tell us that without laughing.

Apparently it’s been a long time since QS took care of the supposedly racist, Islamophobic white low-income and, greatest crime, reader of Richard Martineau.

When I started my university studies in the early 1980s, the Marxist-Leninists were selling their newspapers in front of the UQAM.

Their motto: Let the rich pay!

This is exactly what QS is still campaigning for today with its idea of ​​taxing assets over a million dollars.

Nature has returned.

If you have a defined benefit pension fund, chances are you’re a paper millionaire.

If you own a home on the island of Montreal, you don’t have to stray far from that hated category.

At QS we have a broad definition of what it means to be rich.

Several ultra-left college professors sympathetic to QS had to swallow their pumpkin-flavored frappuccino and vegan fair-trade oatmeal when they learned they were going through the wringer.

As Mario Dumont pointed out, QS saves Person X, who spends their entire paycheck and lives day-to-day, and taxes Person Y, who earns the same salary as X but has been saving and investing their entire lives.

QS also tries to make us believe that he is professionalizing, getting serious, doing his homework.

Oops! We discover that this impertinence would destroy the next generation of farmers whose land and machinery are worth a fortune, and QS caves in a matter of hours.

Apparently, in Saint-Jacques-le-Mineur, from the Mont-Royal plateau, reality becomes a pure abstraction.


Meanwhile, on the party’s website at the time of writing, one can still find the program adopted at the 2019 Congress, proposing “socialization of economic activities,” “going beyond capitalism” (where to?), and other aberrations.

I’ll make a simple prediction for you: under the pretense that QS has no chance of taking power, the media will continue to hold it complacent towards other formations that don’t have a better chance of winning.

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