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These little moments add up innocently and we don’t get it. We don’t know why some days our nerves are on edge.

It has to be the structure. We’re not going to freak out because a wasp drowned in our beer, but if you soon hear again that Carey Price wants to come back and you cut your fingernail too short, tolerance is affected.

Casually your tension rises, even if on the surface you are keeping very still. You’ll make big mean eyes at whoever was blocking the left lane of the freeway when you were already late for your appointment.

Add to that the awkward moment that marked your exit from the house when you swallowed a mosquito that you could never spit out.

Time was running out and you made the mistake of going back to the supermarket. When you got to the cash register you were followed by a handsome little gentleman who was buying all his different lottery tickets.

So nothing worth mentioning has happened in your life yet, and yet you feel like you’re being attacked head-on. The veins come out of your neck.


You can’t get enough of the smell of petrol because two drops of petrol dripped onto your shoe while you were filling up. Worse. When you got back on the road, you stopped calmly at the red light and before the light had turned green, the driver behind you honked twice. Hair straightens you on your head.

Arrived on the terrace of the restaurant for a nice little dinner there is one cyclist who selfishly rinses his Harley before leaving. You enter the dirty toilets, there is no hot water.

Obviously the hand dryer doesn’t do the job. When you finally come back, wipe your hands on your jeans and sit down at the table, you’ll find that two of the guests are from Quebec, like you and me, but give each other a little French accent that’s just boring enough. But there, I can’t, my friend.


  • In the reign of Elizabeth II I say hats off!
  • “Vote for the Conservative Party. Think of Québrrecé’s future. »
  • I’m vaccinated against promises that don’t make sense and I’m waiting for a 5e Dose.
  • All of the politicians’ promises during the election campaign are summed up in one silly visual document.
  • Child’s note: “Me, Mom, I don’t like calming my nerves. »
  • There are two types of cyclists: those who have fallen and those who will fall.
  • When is the best time to visit Montreal North?
  • What a story CAQ carries it from!
  • Congratulations to Eugenie Bouchard for “her” consecutive win.
  • I give my vote to whoever adds a day between Saturday and Sunday.

See you tomorrow at the gym

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