Marie-Andrée Poulin mourns

Marie-Andrée Poulin had very sad news to announce on her social networks.

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On Thursday evening she announced that her mother Ginette had died.

Through her Facebook account, the former host, who returned to classes last year, made the announcement by posting the obituary.

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At the same time, she shared a touching photo on her Instagram account, where she holds her mother’s hand.

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On Friday morning, Marie-Andrée published a lengthy post on Facebook in which she pays tribute to her mother, who she believes will remain an example of strength and courage.

Here’s what she had to say:


Many of you write me such beautiful words, thank you, they touch my heart! Many are surprised to learn of his death and others are referring to our fabulous trip to Paris we took in December. You loved it! The reason for this was a little bit less…we knew we couldn’t wait and that we had to move fast if we were going to have our mother-daughter journey, which I often told my friend about. My friend gives us an extraordinary, well-planned trip!

Mom had 4 cancers in 20 years. Yes yes, 4!!!!! Ok, the doctors will say that they are two types of cancer with cancer cells that have reached other places – organs of his body. It may be medical, but the fact is that we “flew back” anyway, like in the famous TV commercial, 4 times the same! So for me she had 4 point cancer. First thing at 50: breast cancer. 10 years later: the stomach. 2 years ago: the ovaries and last fall she told me that the small lesions on her bones were multiplying and metastasizing. Each time I didn’t worry too much because like a naive 5 year old I thought my mother was invincible that nothing could defeat her because my mother was a survivor, a super warrior.

That summer, her stomach started acting up again, preventing her from eating and making her sick every day, and even several times a day she kept almost nothing. She endured this without ever complaining, without ever complaining, staying positive, I write it and tell myself it can’t be! Since June-July his condition has been deteriorating quietly, rapidly and at breakneck speed: fatigue, dehydration, hospitalization, failed procedures ending in emergency surgery. And then PANG! They “opened” and met a wall of cancer. We understood that there was nothing left to do …

The doctors couldn’t believe it every time they saw his file as thick as two dictionaries! She has always thwarted all predictions! Her last wish: to see the house and garden again, to return home. We unplugged everything, stable situation, back home. We were told for 2 days, 2 hours, 2 minutes, we don’t know. She ended up staying from August 15th to 31st. Dad the strongest is my dad put his job on hold to take care of Mom full time in palliative care at home with the help of the wonderful, admirable CLSC nurses. No, but 48 years of marriage, ”in sickness and in health” there is no better and more beautiful example. A short stay in hospital and then admission to a palliative care home, a haven of peace, an exceptional place Maison Catherine De Longpré

Time has stopped for almost 2 weeks… my father, my brothers and I have been ‘watching over’ her day and night with the help of her sisters. The day before he left, I said to him: “Mom, I’ll let you go, you can go when you’re ready, we’re all fine here, your parents are waiting for you, your two brothers too, you’ve fought enough, you can rest She left us at 10:25pm on Wednesday night and I was there from 9pm to 6am for my shift. I wanted to spend the night with her. Her breathing suddenly changed and the nurse confirmed to me that she would quietly walk away. She left us gently, like a little bird. She walked without pain, without suffering, surrounded by love, we were around her, crying but also saying nice things to her, thanking her, kissing her forehead, caressing her cheek.

My mother deserves everyone to know how well she stuck to it. She is the best example of endurance, strength, courage and resilience. My mother was a real fighter, a warrior!”

We take this opportunity to express our sincere condolences to Marie-Andrée and her family.

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