Her damaged wheelchair: She blames Air Canada

A Toronto woman with a disability says Air Canada severely damaged her power wheelchair on a flight to Israel, preventing her from attending an accessibility conference.

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However, Maayan Ziv took several measures to ensure his device remained intact during the flight. She arrived at the airport early and even wrapped her chair in bubble wrap.

Disabled people are not allowed to board a plane with a personal electronic mobility device, so the Torontonian had to register her wheelchair. However, when she arrived in Tel Aviv, she found her wheelchair in a state of disrepair.

“It came as a complete surprise and shock and, unfortunately, extremely disturbing. I arrived and my wheelchair was totally damaged. It looked like it was bent in half and it’s very strong metal so it fell or something fell on it,” Maayan Ziv told Global News.

The machine is worth $30,000 and weighs between 300 and 400 pounds, estimates the young woman, who doesn’t think she can replace all the broken parts.

“He hardly moves […]but the most shocking and obvious thing that happened was the whole seat itself was mutilated,” she said.

While this isn’t the first time his chair has been damaged in a flight, Maayan Ziv believes this time was the worst. As a result, the person assigned to present at a conference on accessibility had to stay in their hotel room.

“I’m stuck. Everything I’ve been up to, all the conference events [ne me sont plus accessibles]. I can’t leave this room. I’m in an airport wheelchair made for someone much taller than me,” she said, adding that Canada should track how many mobility devices break each month. , something the United States has recently begun.

According to the latest US Department of Transportation report, US airlines “abused” as many as 1,145 wheelchairs in June 2022.

When she contacted Air Canada to complain about the damage to her car, the company offered her a $300 electronic coupon. This offer angered Maayan Ziv. “It’s more than an inconvenience, it’s my life. It’s my mobility, my health and my independence,” she added.

At Global’s request, Air Canada said it was continuing to work with Mr.me Ziv to resolve the situation.

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