A cat seriously injured by a deer trap in a residential area

The presence of small game traps in a residential area of ​​Arvida in Saguenay is worrying local residents.

A cat was seriously injured after being trapped. In two weeks, the animal even has to be amputated.

“Théo is used to leaving for a few hours, but he always comes back,” said his owner Stéphanie Fortin. And he never goes outside at night.

But last weekend, his owners, who live in a residential area of ​​Arvida, lost track of him for three days.

“My neighbor, my uncle, called me in a panic and told me that a cat was caught in a trap, in a trapdoor,” explained a resident of the sector, Kim Larouche. I saw Théo standing on the side of the road. He had his leg stretched out with a trap.”

Ms Larouche rushed to contact her neighbors, who had reported Theo’s disappearance on Rescapé’s hairy Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean Facebook page.

“The simple answer is to say you just have to keep your cat indoors if you don’t want things like that to happen. But we are never safe from, for example, a child who leaves a door open,” she said.

The two women fear that it is the work of a malicious person.

Stéphanie Fortin reported the incident to the Department of Wildlife.

“I was very surprised to learn that people have the right to fish on their land for a certain period of time,” she explained. It needs a permit and also training.

The Ministry would have confirmed the opening of an investigation. The incident occurred outside the official catch deadline.

Stéphanie Fortin assures that she will pay more attention to her cat’s comings and goings in the future.

Article 18 of the Animal Welfare Code of the City of Saguenay stipulates that the keeper of an animal is obliged to adequately supervise it so that it cannot roam private property without the consent of the owner of that property.

In addition, the ministry confirms that the city of Saguenay has a permit that allows it to control beavers that cause damage on its territory outside the prescribed fishing period.

However, the city has no ongoing or planned interventions in the area where the event occurred.

According to the ministry, the residents of the district also have no reason to worry. This would be an isolated and exceptional case.

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