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The new Maison de Radio-Canada, located at 1000 Avenue Papineau in Montreal, was inaugurated yesterday.

Catherine Tait, CEO of CBC/Radio-Canada, and Michael Goldbloom, Chairman of the Board, have sent out official invitations to mark the occasion. In an email, which they both signed on July 29, they wrote that the event would “mark a new chapter in the history of the public broadcaster and its long avant-garde tradition, one to which you have a major contribution.” have done”.

So I’m one of those “contributors,” according to Ms. Tait and Mr. Goldbloom. They also invited me to a private dinner on the 6th, the day before the house was dedicated. “A dinner that gives us the opportunity to reminisce, to discuss our respective experiences and most importantly, to celebrate the contribution of the public broadcaster to the country. The reception will start at 6pm, the email said, adding that the dinner location would be confirmed shortly. I replied by email that I would be there.


Owl ! I will have the opportunity to meet President Goldbloom, whom I do not know but whose father I did know, Victor Goldbloom, when he was Commissioner for Official Languages ​​in the 1990s, as we will celebrate the contribution of public service broadcasting to our culture , I will tell Michael that I was once the main author of The surprise boxa program his father forced him to listen to to learn French when he was a child.

As for Ms. Tait, my few encounters with her have always been very cordial, I will tell her that I began writing for Radio-Canada television in July 1958, the exact year and month of her birth! There’s nothing like a similar little dinner to indulge in harmless conversation too! but which make it possible to establish a pleasant complicity.

The former CEOs, the former chairman of the board and the current board members, who we have certainly invited, will perhaps take the opportunity to give their opinion on the Yale report and the future of the station. This will be a good opportunity for me to recall how much I, like Janet Yale and her group, would like clarification on Radio-Canada’s mandate that the station be assured sufficient funding for five years, specifically to support advertising gradually removing news channels from its airwaves. If anyone ever asks me about my time as director of CBC-Radio-Canada, and especially my tumultuous year as chairman of the board, I remind myself that I was reluctant to accept the post and resigned out of respect for the institution, even if the appointment as Council President is legally irremovable.


On August 16th, I received a second email reminding me of the invitation and saying that “the dinner venue will be confirmed shortly”. I answered yes, again. But nothing of what I had envisioned happened on Tuesday night because I was not told by email or carrier pigeon where this much-heralded dinner would be held. Unless, at the last minute, some zealous proselytizer of Canadian radio orthodoxy reminded President Michael Goldbloom and CEO Catherine Tait of their thoughtlessness in inviting a public broadcaster “employee” who has become a columnist for two Quebecor dailies!

Small note: if this mysterious dinner really happened (which I hope for the other guests), hopefully we had the good idea to take the meal I would have eaten there to the Accueil Bonneau ?

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