A burial protocol planned up to the quarter hour

The minutes, hours and days after Queen Elizabeth II’s death have been meticulously planned since the 1960s as Operation London Bridge.

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The death of the British sovereign yesterday sparked a memorandum detailing the procedure leading up to her funeral, scheduled 10 days later.

Last September, the American media Politically Get your hands on UK government documents detailing this plan.

They list the many responsibilities of each branch of state, including dealing with a never-before-seen crowd heading to London to bid farewell to their Queen of the last 70 years. Everything is there, from the most complex to the most trivial detail.

D day

As soon as news of Elizabeth II’s death became known, Her Majesty’s Secretary Edward Young had to break the news to British Prime Minister Liz Truss.

He was expected to say the phrase “ London Bridge is down (London Bridge collapse), a code signifying the Queen’s death.

The government then warned the Commonwealth countries, including Canada, Australia, the Bahamas, Jamaica, New Zealand.

At the same time, the flag at Buckingham Palace was lowered to half-mast.

Ever since the Queen died at Balmoral Castle, Scotland, it’s been the special operations unicorn which was set in motion, but also everything was planned in case she should die somewhere else.

Therefore, according to the instructions, the remains of the ruler must be transported to Edinburgh before traveling to the capital on the royal train.

A new monarch

At the same time the operation spring sideconcerning Prince Charles’ accession to the throne was also triggered yesterday.

Charles was automatically proclaimed king and initially issued a statement mourning the loss of his mother. He is also scheduled to give a speech today.

At 10 a.m., the council for the accession to the throne, which includes several members of the government, must meet to officially declare Charles the new sovereign. All parliamentary activities are suspended for 10 days.

The protocol also stipulates that the new monarch will embark on a journey through his kingdom three days after the death of his mother.

He will, of course, be back in London to attend the grandiose funeral planned at Westminster Abbey for whoever reigned longest over the United Kingdom.

With the guard

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