Maude Guérin left the city to settle in the countryside

She has laughing eyes, an open smile. I had the pleasure of spending an amazing time with the radiant and talented Maude Guérin! We talked about issues that are close to our hearts. About life, love, work and our dear children…

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I am very happy to have Maude at my place, especially when I think that our meeting was almost canceled! The work schedule of the actress is very busy. She comes in, smiles, looks around, hugs me and says very gently, “I’m glad to be here. It will do me good to rest a little. Let’s assume it’s fast these days.”

My mother, who herself has worked in the world of television and cinema, visits my home and comes to greet her. They realize they have mutual friends and recall fond memories. Mom is leaving and now it’s makeover time for photos. I see Maude looking at my house. “I just bought a new house with my boyfriend. I have a few questions for you, Saskia.” She laughs! In The Laurentians, she and her lover fell in love with a house in the clouds. “Do you remember, Saskia, our last interview together? It was January 2020 and we had just bought a duplex in Montreal. We decided to sell and move to the country. We fell in love with our new home. We knew right away it was for us!”

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A lot has happened in his life since we last met. The children have left the family nest, an emotional stage for the mother. “In Montreal we had the duplex and each had our own apartment so our kids, Christian and I, could each have our own space while being close to each other. There was the pandemic and we had a great time together. Then, when we got back to normal, my son Edmond and his girlfriend Isabelle – who also lived with us – told me that they wanted to find their own place to live. It shook me a bit, but I’m happy for them. I love Isabella! They are a beautiful young couple. You inspire me a lot. Christian’s son also decided to fly alone. Here our project for a house in the country took shape and we found our paradise, not far from Montreal of course to be close to our children. Maude, who herself left the family nest early, understands her son’s desire for autonomy, who will be 20 in September. He really misses being close, but they are so close that the transition is fluid. “We have a real connection and a very good relationship. I have a lot of distance work to do, which is sometimes difficult. At the same time I understand. I also left my homeland very young, at 17. I lived in La Tuque. There was nothing to be done back then. I lived with my mother since my father left me when I was 13 years old. My mother was so sick! She wasn’t there for my sister and me. I was 14-15 years old when I said to myself, “I have to go.” My mother was a housewife with no job. When my father left, she collapsed. She was consuming Valium, alcohol… It had become unbearable. She often spoke badly about my father, and that’s not good. You don’t have to. I mention it because it may help people who have experienced something similar.

I missed the mother figure. Mom is now in a CHSLD. she has dementia I go to her and realize that unfortunately I don’t have many ties to her. So you understand that my healthy and sweet relationship with Edmond is very, very valuable.”

Photo: Photographer Mari / TVA

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She goes on to talk about the strength of young people, their way of approaching life, their desire to come back to earth, to just be healthy without fuss. In a world where consumption has few limits, she finds great comfort in being this way. “Life is so expensive and our planet is not doing very well. The temperature, the strong climatic changes, the wars, the problems of society… We’re lucky here, but we’re going straight into the wall. Our children will have to get their hands dirty. I know that we cannot control everything, regulate everything, arrange everything. But we should all change our lifestyle. One step at a time. When Edmond told me that he and his girlfriend would like to find a little house in the country, a garden, chickens and everything you need to support yourself, I thought that was great. I like this way of being. It is certainly a very good way for the future. Do you find that inspiring, Saskia?” Yes, really! I also like this down-to-earth side of our young people, with their old souls and their inspiring beliefs. Speaking of youth, my son storms through the living room and announces the death of Olivia Newton-John. We both exclaim, “What?! Well no!” We start humming his songs like a piece of our youth just flew away! “Phew! It hits everything. Aging also means that the people you love are leaving. You really have to take advantage of that. Maybe slower, I don’t know… But it makes you think!’ Maybe find the right balance between enjoying and quitting… It lives in all of us. On the other hand, the highly talented 57-year-old actress has had a thriving career. “I feel very privileged: I’m doing the job that I’ve chosen, that I love, that nourishes me and makes me grow every day. Sometimes I take breaks, then I miss it. I like to work, I love what I do in life. Like many artists of my generation, I feel more like a craftswoman. Coming from the theater world, like many other women, over the years we’ve made our way like worker ants. Not to be known or to be stars, but to play, to serve our art. People have this common belief that it pays to be an actor. But when you act in the theater, you spend a lot of energy, time and enjoy it, and you don’t do it for money. They do this for the love of their job. I have the chance and the great fortune to do theater and television, I am fulfilled.

Photo: Photographer Mari / TVA

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The one who embodies the lovely Marie-Luce 5th rank and those shooting for season five love playing this motherly and authentic character, traits that suit her perfectly. “Oh! you are nice! Of course I am motherly towards my son, my boyfriend and all the young people who surround me in my profession. I create open and sincere links. I like to be surrounded by young actors, I think it’s nice to see them go. I also love to see women filmmakers, such as Jeanne Leblanc, Annie Saint-Pierre, Chloé Robichaud and Myriam Verreault. After the #MeToo affair, a natural cleansing took place and doors opened for them. Many of them open them one by one and that feels good and all the team members 5th rank form a big family. I love her so much! I hope that this project will last for a long time. I don’t want it to end.” I look at her and listen enthusiastically. What a fabulous woman! Behind calm and gentleness the word intensity comes to mind. “You’re right, I’m intense. My boyfriend by the way too. We’re on the move, sometimes impulsive. I’ve had two relatively quiet months, so… We didn’t do one or two: we bought a house and a new dog, which keeps us very busy. Finally a bit intense like us ! (bursts of laughter) Our little Miro died and when the children left the family nest we said to each other: “We’ll adopt another dog.” Jazz, our standard poodle who eats everything, is wonderful! But phew! he keeps us on our toes!” For 13 years, Maude has shared her life with Christian, her confidant, who guesses her and accompanies her in all her projects. “He’s a wonderful man! I would like to be engaged to him forever. I’m a rather discreet woman and don’t need to talk to him anyway. He knows me by heart. We know each other inside and out. We take care of each other with love and respect. With him, our families, our new home, our respective projects, yes, a lot is moving. But it is our own balance and it is a great wealth! A life of love, gentleness, projects and joy!”

With these inspiring words I let go of Maude. A big day of shooting awaits him the next day. We hug each other tightly and promise to see each other again in two years.

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