After the cancellation of her concerts, what is the latest news on the singer’s health?

This Wednesday, September 7th, the W9 channel is broadcasting new entertainment The 20 Songs of Celine Dion Favorite of the French from 9:05 p.m. The opportunity to take stock of the health of the singer, who had to cancel various concerts around the world from 2021.

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This fall, W9 is offering viewers a new program this Wednesday, September 7, starting at 9:05 p.m.: The 20 Songs of Celine Dion Favorite of the French, presented by Jerome Anthony. The opportunity to unveil the results of an IFOP poll, but also to take a closer look at the health of Celine Dion, who proposed a tour with impressive numbers in 2008.

Celine Dion: Post-pandemic cancellations of her shows beginning in late 2021 for medical reasons

Back in 2021. The mother-of-three had announced with a heavy heart that she would not be able to go on the French and European stages due to the health crisis (particularly on stage). Old ploughs in Brittany). “I promise you one thing: in 2022 we will make up for lost time. Yes I hope so. i love you and i miss you“, she then confided on social networks. But that was without expecting more personal problems. The one who did not say that she was ready to find love again had canceled a few months later, in October “broken heart” his shows in Las Vegas due to health reasons that forced him to be absent for several months.

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Celine Dion in convalescence: her relatives deny burnout rumors

Subsequently, while Valérie Lemercier “worried about her‘ while she embodied it brilliantly in front of the cameras A linehis sister Claudette Dion had said more about his health and referred to his “premenopause” and “hormonal changes“.”People care about them“, she continued alongside her brother Michel in November 2021. But if her fans were hoping to find her earlier in the year, it was again a disappointment: victims of “severe and persistent muscle cramps“, the diva, the “really hoped to be ready‘, had said he needed to continue his recovery while his loved ones responded to rumors of burnout.

Celine Dion: Your Paris concert dates are currently scheduled for 2023

Since then, the star who “will only come back when she’s upstairs“According to Michel Drucker, he made a rare TV appearance to appeal for donations in favor of the refugees before paying tribute to deceased loved ones such as Daniel Lévi, including “the voice will reverberate within her for a long time“, or one of her close associates whom she asked: “to kiss René for her“. But nothing too immediate on stage: in April, she announced the postponement of her European tour to 2023, before the dates of her Paris shows were finally announced. While sharing reassuring news about her health: “I’m still feeling a little better, but it’s definitely not going fast enough and it’s really frustrating for me“. A little more patience…

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