Love (not) imaginary, but forbidden

OK, here we go with a flash recap of the new miniseries domestic animal by Novo. It is played with finesse. It is written with the necessary nuances. It’s heartbreaking with just enough humorous touches to ease the tension. Most importantly, it’s hyper confrontational.

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Because author Simon Boulerice explores the forbidden connection between a fifth grade teacher, played virtuously by Évelyne Brochu, and her 17-year-old student, who is camped out by an arrogant and vulnerable Lévi Doré.

domestic animal, which begins Wednesday, September 14 at 8 p.m., immediately condemns this illicit love affair. There is no ambiguity there. The first image in the series also shows the 37-year-old teacher’s arrest and the interrogation her young lover endured. Then the story – inspired by that of American Mary Kay Letourneau – goes back two months and reveals with subtlety and sensitivity how the two main characters slowly slipped into this toxic romance.

domestic animal always develops in gray areas, and that puts us in a very uncomfortable moral position. Professor Chanelle Chouinard, known as Chouchou (Évelyne Brochu), is not an ugly predator. She lives happier days with her grocery store owner husband Jeff (Steve Laplante) and their two children. Chouchou loves his students, his job and his bike. She even hosts a book club at lunchtime.

On the day that Sandrick (Lévi Doré) starts his French class, a valve opens and the hurricane sweeps Chanelle away. This curious, drooling, sensitive and charming teenager bothers her enormously. But why ?

Apparently, Chanelle Sandrick doesn’t start in the first few seconds. Their affair begins gently and sometimes against her will, which is even more insidious. It would be so easy to condemn this abusive woman and feel sorry for her underage victim. But no, Simon Boulerice conjures up the many facets of this complex and contentious affair.

First, Sandrick comes from a broken and disadvantaged home. Living on welfare, his inadequate mother Patricia (Sophie Cadieux) spoils the atmosphere of their dingy abode. Raised in violence, Patricia, the drunk alcoholic, loves her son, but very, very much.

In Chanelle’s arms, Sandrick finds some comfort that his mother didn’t offer. For her part, Chanelle reconnects with the feeling of being desired. The two fixate on each other in the worst possible way, we understand each other. And both suffer.

The plot that Simon Boulerice (six degrees) unfolded over eight hour-long episodes, inspires empathy, yes, for the victim (Sandrick) but also for the authority figure committing the reprehensible acts (Chanelle).

We don’t condone this teacher’s behavior as she loses her footing and rocks, but we understand why she was drawn into this destructive spiral.

Around the main core, Simon Boulerice plants earthy supporting characters, including Chouchou’s sister Cindy (Pascale Renaud-Hébert), an ambitious aspiring dog groomer addicted to her vape. Josée Deschênes wears the semi-chic clothes of Sandra Malo, a long-talking former sister-in-law who is vying with Patricia, Sandrick’s mother, for a $75,000 inheritance.

Don’t expect big twists domestic animal. It’s a psychodrama that insidiously invades our living rooms with a few comic notes à la Can you hear me ?. If all the novelties reach this caliber, this return to school promises to be very exciting.

Mme Catastrophe ?

The catastrophe so feared by some columnists did not force the CRTC to shut down RDI on Friday afternoon. Outgoing Conservative MP for Iberville Claire Samson attended the show country fans by Sébastien Bovet without any overwhelming or harrowing performance.

Mme Samson was even a good player with her four panelists and ended the show by causing a huge fit of laughter on set.

In short, the old brown tower did not crumble with the appearance of Claire Samson on the air, which was more relevant and balanced than during her zoom smoky.

The image we had of this ex-caquiste was shaped in large part by the Marc Labrèche caricatures on the show This year from Tele Quebec. However, Claire Samson is not a “cuckoo,” unlike other activists centered around the Quebec Conservative Party. Mme Samson had a glittering career as a television executive, notably at TVA, TQS and Radio-Canada, before entering the political arena.

In addition, Claire Samson also opened the first issue of on Monday The day (is still young) on the waves of 95.1 FM and again nothing inappropriate to report. Even host Jean-Philippe Wauthier was surprised by the calm and pragmatism of the 67-year-old politician. If you liked columnist Louise Cousineau on our pages, tell yourself that Claire Samson, one of her best friends, looks a lot like her.

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