Anyone can teach

In the animated film Ratatouille, A little rat named Rémy dreams of becoming a chef. Throughout his adventures, he finds the courage to make his wish come true, taking inspiration from the motto of the great chef Gusteau: his famous “Anyone can cook!”

If Pixar studios remade the film, I could see our friendly character dreaming of becoming a teacher. It would now be enough for him to be inspired by the motto “Everyone can teach!”.

Quality recruits

In 2020, Minister Roberge finally realized his biggest challenge would be the teacher shortage. Quite a change of program, because five years earlier the Liberal government had announced that the criteria for admission to the teaching profession would be tightened.

However, there is a big gap between recognizing a problem and implementing concrete remedial measures. As suggested by the Higher Education Council, comprehensive consideration is required, particularly in the areas of recruiting and retaining candidates, conditions for admission to studies, initial training, support and measures to promote professional integration, including work organization that would facilitate this integration as well as continuous professional development.

It is clear that everyone wants very good recruitment, but how do you reconcile measures to reduce shortages and measures that focus on demanding recruitment criteria? How to ensure the quality of the services provided by the people who are in front of the students?

Historically, in times of scarcity, we make do with the available labor. In teaching, the concessions are so great under the current circumstances that they would be rejected in other professions with arguments of public protection.

A controlled appellation

At the beginning of the school year, the Affluents School Services Center (CSSDA) was still looking for five permanent teachers. Not that bad? In addition, 65 teachers were missing for contracts from 25 to 100%. And it’s a single CSS.

I emphasize the word “teacher” here. The term should be defined.

Currently, I feel like anyone can call themselves a teacher.

I have a deep unease that the word “teacher” is not a controlled term. If I am willing to accept that anyone can teach, I refuse that anyone can claim the title of teacher.

For example, employees could be referred to as trainees, trainees, trainees, or regular teachers. It’s high time to create an official signature (similar to the “ing.” for engineers or the “CPA” for accountants). As Mylène Leroux says, teaching seems a lot easier than it is. Because everyone went to school.

Society will not recognize the value of the profession by giving everyone the right to acquire the teaching title.

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