Daniel Bélanger and Angèle Dubeau: a masterful encounter!

Angèle Dubeau, her ensemble La Pietà and Daniel Bélanger offered an unforgettable musical moment at the Tremblant Music Festival yesterday. Wrapped in threads, Bélanger’s poetic universe could only be enlarged.

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The sky was tinted pink, while countless spectators feverishly awaited the start of what was already proving to be an unforgettable concert. Double bass player, cellist, violinist, violist and Daniel Bélanger on guitar tried to tune their instruments. The heart of the village of Tremblant was literally full.

As is customary for the concert on Sunday evening, the initiator of this unifying musical event swapped the artistic director’s hat for a violin and bow.

To kick off the evening, Angèle Dubeau and the musicians of her ensemble La Pietà played excerpts from the concert 25e Jubilee, in which several key works from his repertoire come together. The all-female ensemble delivered three tracks from the latest album She, its intoxicating Flight, by Rachel Portman. They then premiered two key tracks from an album due out in October, a portrait dedicated to Polish composer Alex Baranowski.

Daniel Bélanger and Angèle Dubeau: a masterful encounter!

Photo courtesy of Shanti Loiselle

The instrumental part of the concert ended with the sublime and intense piece The Grandmaster Suite and the great work of Max Richter dona nobi pacem.

An Extraordinary Marriage

“I spoil myself and I think I’ll spoil you too!” launched the 60-year-old violinist emeritus when Daniel Bélanger entered the stage and put on his guitar strap.

From the first notes of madness in four, the public could fully understand how they would participate in a unique meeting. The soaring strings already enveloped the songs from Bélanger’s repertoire with poetic beauty and extraordinary richness.

There were some moments of pure happiness, especially during the reworked tracks two spring, Imperfect, The end of man and You can leave. The joy of the violinist, her musicians and the distinguished guest was more than tangible.

Festival-goers were also treated to songs that Bélanger almost never performs live, such as Electric Primatewhich has been completely renewed with the contribution of the violins, and One two three I will have forgotten everythingsong from his album Paloma, which he had never allowed himself in public. A fabulous and unexpected discovery for many. As for the orchestration of the great a song for melike the words, it seemed to want to bestow a sensitive and beneficial consolation.

There was one notable moment with Say everything without saying anything, where the audience applauded from the first notes. The song was offered as a trio – guitar, violin and piano – which brought a lot of sweetness and calm to this delicate song dealing with mental illness.

Finally titled the singer-songwriter, who will be releasing his tenth album in October mercury in may, prompted the crowd to sing after him before striking out the first chords Dream better.

As a reminder, the public was treated to a second version of Say everything without saying anything this time in the accomplice duo Bélanger & Dubeau. The magnificent violin voice came into its own and offered the many festival visitors a magical moment, conquered.

Catherine Major

In the middle of the afternoon, people gathered around the tent where Catherine Major stood behind the public piano during her fourth performance. Very charming, with her children seated at her feet, the singer-songwriter delivered several tracks from her repertoire, including some tracks from her latest album, motherboardhow Claustrophobic and sole survivor.

Daniel Bélanger and Angèle Dubeau: a masterful encounter!

Photo courtesy of Shanti Loiselle

The one who learned the language of the piano from the age of 4 made the crowd hum to the superlative human voice and sang the beautiful love song Nothing at all.

Entirely inhabited by the project Albertine in Five Times, The Opera For which she was responsible for the musical creation, the artist also offered a very promising melodic foretaste of this brand new creation, which will be shown at the Rideau Vert this week.

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