‘Stat’ star: Suzanne Clément is delighted to be back in Quebec

For her big return to Quebec after a few years in France, Suzanne Clément could not have asked for a more stimulating project than the new daily newspaper “Stat”, in which she plays the emergency doctor Emmanuelle St-Cyr.

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“I was scared at first,” she confided to the QMI agency on the sidelines of the unveiling of the ICI Télé program. But the more it goes the more I get into it and it’s just what I needed.

The days on set are long and at home you have to learn pages and pages of lines. “I’ve had many challenges of all kinds, but in this case the schedule is impressive. It’s a big brain gym,” the actress said, laughing.

“I’m not where I want to be yet, we’ve only been shooting for a few weeks. I learn my texts while walking with my sheets, I know I have to organize myself with an app. I’ve learned some lyrics in my life, but I’m taking them further here.

She is fascinated by the medical universe of the series. “For me, urgency is associated with something powerful. I don’t feel like a stranger in a hospital. Our pace of work is also similar to that of an emergency, they are on adrenaline like us, but in our case we are not saving lives.

Return to the crease

Suzanne Clément toured extensively in Europe after the release of Xavier Dolan’s film Mommy. She was not short of suggestions when she decided to return home. She also recently turned down a film that would have taken her back to France. It was her father’s death that crystallized her desire to return home.

“It’s actually a gift he gave me at the same time … I came back to be there for my family and it kind of became obvious. Paris is a very special city, it’s like a drug, but when I came back I thought it was the right thing to do. I was going about what I wanted to do and it was time to turn the page. I don’t miss Paris! It’s quieter here.”

Observe in the hospital

In order to prepare to embody an emergency doctor who never has a minute to herself and whose job is a calling, she observed the real-world context in which healthcare professionals thrive. “It really anchored me in the concrete.”

Suzanne Clément, remembered for her roles in The Ups and Downs of Sophie Paquin and in Unité 9, has been fascinated by Stat writer Marie-Andrée Labbé’s writing of the episodes after filming the first 30 years.

“It’s connected to the news, everything is relevant, everything has a human and social value, it’s ‘grounded’ in the real, there’s humor and we explore the private lives of characters.”

Speaking of personal life, his Emmanuelle St-Cyr, head of the emergency room at St Vincent’s Hospital, has been mourning for a year. Her spouse François, a psychiatrist, formed a close-knit clan with her and three other friends – psychiatrist Philippe Dupéré (Patrick Labbé), surgeon Isabelle Granger (Geneviève Schmidt) and favored caregiver Éric Perron (Stéphane Rousseau). Emmanuelle distances herself and has not yet made her grieve.

“It is actually a denial of grief. She runs away and asks how François died and that takes up the whole room.

Suzanne Clément also stars in Sébastien Marnier’s feature film The Origin of Evil, which has just been screened out of competition at the Venice Film Festival. This is a co-production between France (Avenue B Productions) and Quebec (micro_scope).

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