Pearl Jam’s Eddie Vedder discreetly plays tennis in Quebec City

Pearl Jam singer Eddie Vedder showed up incognito at Club Avantage Multi-Sports in Quebec yesterday afternoon to play tennis to a full house at the Videotron Center a few hours before his evening show.

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On Wednesday, Club Avantage’s sales and business development director, Philippe Jacques, received a call from an English-speaking player wanting to reserve a spot, stating he was from out of town and wanted to play with his boss. But nobody suspected at the time that the boss in question was a rock music icon.

So Eddie Vedder arrived yesterday just before noon wearing his hat and sunglasses, accompanied by a tour employee, to discreetly exchange a few balls.

“He was behind, he greeted me. I didn’t recognize him and while he was playing there was a clerk who said, “He’s the lead singer of Pearl Jam,” says Philippe Jacques, amused by the situation but also a little disappointed that he doesn’t immortalize that of the American has visitors.

Ibuy him shoes

Before the game, Eddie Vedder and his companion rented snowshoes and bought trainers to hit the ground at Club Avantage. When he left, his driver and bodyguard were waiting for him in a black GMC Yukon SUV, witnesses said.

“He didn’t name himself, but he smiled and was friendly” in front of the few people he met, Philippe Jacques mentions.

A native of Chicago, Vedder isn’t particularly known as a tennis lover, but mostly as a big fan of basketball and the Bulls’ great years with Michael Jordan. He’s also a die-hard Cubs baseball fan.

The Nordic

Additionally, during his visit to the old capital in the early 2000s, he rued the departure of the Nordiques, Quebec’s only professional sports team, in front of a maddened crowd at the old Colosseum.

Yesterday, the members of the group published on social networks the list of songs from the show in front of the Remparts de Québec logo.

Pearl Jam's Eddie Vedder discreetly plays tennis in Quebec City

This isn’t the first time Club Avantage has hosted world-class musicians. A few years ago members of the popular group Iron Maiden visited the tennis temple in Quebec City for lessons.

Rick Davies, the lead singer of British group Supertramp, also reportedly did some brush strokes, according to club officials.

In the world of sport, Québec tennis player Félix Auger-Aliassime is undoubtedly the international star who most frequents the establishment on rue Bouvier, he who grew up at Club Avantage.

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