Who is Veronique Cloutier?

I’m not asking the question. It’s Louis Morissette, Véro’s husband, who asks this funny question in the latest issue of the magazine… Veroedited by Louis Morissette.

Morissette “is concerned about the future of Quebec’s cultural content, which is gradually disappearing in the face of American giants.”

The question Louis Morissette poses in this column is relevant: why is the young generation of Quebecers drinking so much to American culture that they no longer recognize the big French-speaking stars?

It is indeed worrying. But what are we doing to save our culture?


Yes, I think Louis Morissette leads very broadly.

Yes, I find it hilarious when Radio-Canada’s vero.tv website produces Louis Morrissette programs featuring Louis Morissette and the Cloutier-Morissette family, all paid for with our own taxes.

But that doesn’t detract from their talent. And Louis Morissette regularly writes strong editorials.

In this latest text, which has been widely circulated on social media, Morissette actually speaks of a generational change.

While his generation was as interested in American culture as it was in local artists, the new generation is plugging into Netflix, Spotify or Amazon and abandoning production in Quebec.

He poses the question: “If Véro is having trouble keeping his own children interested in a STATION BEARING HIS NAME, I am very concerned about the interest that the young people of Laval, Sainte-Julie or de Beauport are showing in ours show work. »

Well, between us, I don’t think Quebec’s “culture” is in jeopardy if young people don’t listen passion dusta series on renovation with Sarah-Jeanne Labrosse.

But I see what Morissette means. Young Quebecers are increasingly alien to their own popular culture, detached from their roots.

I think the perfect illustration of this cultural alienation came when Jean-Marc Vallée tragically died at the age of 58. For a whole generation he was just the director Big little lies and not that of the cult film CRAZY

In his text, Louis Morissette proposes “building a rescue program for Quebec’s popular culture” by pushing local culture into schools. Good idea. But you know what Victor Hugo said: “Education is given by the family; the instruction is the state that owes it. »

If a young person never sees their parents reading a book from Quebec, listening to a song in French, or following a series from here, they repeat the same pattern.


Finally, I have a question for Louis Morissette. If he is seriously concerned about the invasion of American culture, can he explain to me why there are so many translated American series on vero.tv?

I noticed that when I visited yesterday A model woman (French version of The good wife), An exemplary fight (French version of The Good Fight), Rizzoli & Islands (an American crime series), Younger (a comedy series from the creators of Sex in New York) and shrill (an American series).

So, Louis, maybe we could start cleaning up our own garden?

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