The playwright Normand Chaurette is no more

Quebec playwright Normand Chaurette died on Wednesday at the age of 68, it has been confirmed The press his agency Goodwin.

Updated August 31st

Alice Girard bosses

Alice Girard bosses
The press

“I can’t believe that person is no longer on earth. I had wished him a happy birthday on July 9th. He was only 68 years old,” says actor, director and Quebec director Yves Desgagnés, who has worked with Normand Chaurette since 1982.

He is an extremely important man in Quebec dramaturgy and, above all, one of the world’s Shakespeare specialists. He was a kind of poet of the French language.

Yves Desgagnes

Normand Chaurette is the author of 12 plays published since 1980. He has won the Governor General’s Literature Prize four times, e.g Indiana Crossing, The little simmer, Which dies last and his exam how to kill shakespeare. He is also the author of a novel child scenes, and some short stories mostly published by Leméac Éditeur. He has also translated and adapted several plays by Shakespeare for productions in Quebec.

The Queens was the first Canadian play to be performed at the Comédie-Française. Some of his plays were also successful abroad, such as Meti’s companys, played in Italy while Indiana Crossing and The little simmer were premiered at the Avignon Festival in a production by Denis Marleau.

Yves Desgagnés will remember Normand Chaurette as a lover of actors and theatre, a “creature of great culture” and a “great pedagogue”. Mr. Chaurette until recently taught in the drama department of the National Theater School. “He trained many students in dramaturgy,” he says.

A final tribute

“I am stunned by this sudden disappearance,” admits Lorraine Pintal, Artistic Director and General Manager of the Théâtre du Nouveau Monde (TNM). This is sad, sad news. The TNM presented their piece last November The Queensdirected by Denis Marleau.

The great luck we had was to pay tribute to him without knowing it with this masterpiece, without knowing that in the next few months he would disappear.

Lorraine Pintal, director of the TNM

Mr. Chaurette had attended the play and the readings on several occasions. “He was very insightful in his words,” said Pintal, who describes him as a “secret” man, “rather shy” and “who didn’t seek the light at all”.

memory of his work

To honor his memory, Yves Desgagnés invites the public to “read or re-read the entire work of Normand Chaurette”.

Lorraine Pintal agrees. “It is the artist’s duty to resurrect Normand Chaurette and make his voice heard again. There are many of his plays that have not been performed for a long time, such as The little simmer. »

She wants Normand Chaurette’s work to be studied in schools. “It has to be read by young people because it’s theater that’s accessible. Theater schools have to play it. This is how we will remember him or the work dies,” she concludes.

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