The lockdown is over at Rolls-Royce Canada

After a lockout of more than five months, union members of Rolls-Royce Canada will gradually return to the Lachine plant from Friday after ratifying, by a majority of 62%, a recommendation from an arbitrator making it possible to put an end to this bitter labor dispute.

Updated yesterday at 5:42pm.

Julian Arsenal

Julian Arsenal
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Most of the 530 members of the CSN-affiliated Rolls-Royce Canada Workers Union (STTRRC) are expected to return to work next week. The latter specialize in the maintenance of aircraft engines.

“When Rolls-Royce declared the lockout, we all decided together that we would not give in to intimidation and that we alone would decide when and under what conditions we returned to work,” said union leader Frédéric Labelle on Thursday. The conflict was long and difficult, but we persevered. »

This employment contract, which runs until 2028, applies retrospectively to 2020. It provides for salary increases of 25%. Employees are also eligible for $9,500 in two lump sum payments. The employer ordered a lockout on March 15 because the two parties could not come to an agreement. Union members were then asked to decide on a strike mandate.

Aircraft engines from the British multinational power Bombardier Global business jets.

According to CSN, the arbitrator’s recommendation “envisages various improvements, particularly with regard to holiday and group insurance”. There is also progress with flexible working hours and “the introduction of job security clauses”. The defined benefit pension plan, one of the bones of contention in the negotiations, runs until the end of 2025, after which employees will have to adjust the parameters of the plan.

Rolls-Royce Canada believes the employment contract helps maintain “attractive working conditions” for employees.

“This decision reflects a shared desire to return to work and look to the future,” President Denis Giangi said in a press release.

The climate of this industrial action has deteriorated in recent months. The employer had admitted using scabs – an illegal practice – while a union leader accused of following a Rolls-Royce Canada executive was fired by the company.

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    This is the total of financial support (grants and loans) that Quebec has offered Rolls-Royce Canada since 2008.

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