Separation for Marie-Mai and David Laflèche

Marie-Mai announced on Instagram on Friday that her romantic relationship of the past six years with David Laflèche has ended. However, the parents of little Gisèle, five years old, want to remain “allies” and friends.

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“Dave and I have had quite an adventure together. Years of learning, music, happiness, passion and parenting. A nice skewer of the unforgettable,” wrote the singer and presenter of “Big Brother Celebrities” on Noovo from the start.

They want to remain friends, as Marie-Mai explained, writing that we must “learn to recognize when something no longer works and make room for new dynamics, for the good of everyone but especially for the good of our daughter”. She also hopes, as before, that their separation will succeed.

“On that note, we have ended our romantic relationship for a while and see the future as allies for each other. That’s the only thing that makes us smile.”

It should be noted that since 2020 the couple have been “house separated” voluntarily, a decision Marie-Mai explained to YouTuber Rémi Desgagné no later than last June.

“I had to find myself to know what I was worth outside of my career, outside of my relationship. […] Having two houses allowed us to solidify our relationship, the things we had to work on and he and I, […] then we found out through the bond that our relationship with our daughter has “blown up” because she has her moments where she’s just with me, she’s not looking for my attention, I’m just with her. She has her moments with her father where she’s just with him, they have things they just do together […]. Then we get the family together every weekend.

The couple also shared a day during the week without their daughter while she was in daycare, Marie-Mai said at the beginning of summer.

Note that David Laflèche, a musician, musical director and album producer, posted the exact same message as Marie-Mai, each accompanying her with a photo of the other.

Marie-Mai will be back to host Big Brother Celebrities, which season three begins on Noovo in January. Until then, she continues her tour of Quebec.

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