Marilyse Bourke shares how motherhood changed her as an actress

By playing the character of Me Sonia Cadet Untenable, the daily TVA, Marilyse Bourke takes part in her 20th career TV series! Much appreciated by the general public for the many roles she has defended over the past 30 years, the actress trusts the subject of this interesting new challenge and her joy of acting in front of the cameras.

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Marilyse, it’s fascinating to see how many times you’ve acted in outstanding series: Watatatow, Virginia, Km/h, A grenade with it, O’
It’s been 30 years! I was 16 when I started. When I started, living in Quebec, I commuted between Quebec and Montreal. I wasn’t touring much then – maybe four or five times in the summer – so I continued my studies there. After CEGEP, I went into full-time work.

You played your last role on television Sleepless night, a series that only lasted one season. Did that disappoint you?
It was still a mourning process because I loved that character. I had been assigned a dense, complex role. I had a lot of fun playing it. I’ve really branched out as an actress and I was disappointed that I didn’t put on this character’s shoes, but I know it’s not a job that can last. I admit it brings you back down to earth and lowers your expectations as well. When I approach a character, my goal is to understand them as best I can, and every scene is a little story for me. I have my nose very firmly in what I have to do and I try to see what my character is doing in it big picture From the story.

As we know, it is a profession that is unpredictable to say the least!
We cannot rely on anything in this business, either in what we do or in the decisions we make. Sleepless night was not the first series that we ended prematurely. Those are really uncontrollable elements, that’s part of it Game. This series was to end after three years; We couldn’t come full circle.

When a series suddenly ends, do you automatically feel insecure?
Of course we experience disappointments, among other things because we end work with our gang earlier than expected. And while I know it’s part of the job, I can’t say I’m completely comfortable with it. It’s okay that there are breaks, but my job is playing characters and I’ve always been pretty lucky. I don’t have many big questions, but an actor wants to work. And the work that we do in the beginning to birth a character, that’s what I like best.

Photo: Julien Faugere

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in the Untenablewe will see you in the shoes of a lawyer…
Yes, I auditioned in December, then there was a second audition in January and I was offered the role of Me Sonia Cadet. On set they affectionately call me Mouton Cadet! (laughs)

Do you like to pre-listen?
It stresses me out, but I like it. I see it a bit like an acting studio: we’re there to try things out. First we discover a director, and he discovers us too, and we can develop a crush on what happens during the audition. This role in Untenable is a main character, she is a strong woman. But different from Marlène, in which I played Sleepless night, who was intellectual and much more serious, Sonia is a gamers advocate. She plays a lot with the protagonist, who is defended by Sébastien Delorme. She still makes him sick, but she does it with respect. She behaves like this with him because she knows he’s brilliant and he can take it. It’s fun to play! Sonia is a hot girl but not manipulative or mean.

Is she an experienced lawyer?
Yes, and she knows who she’s dealing with; she can write a few good lines now and then.

Is this your first time playing a character that develops in a legal environment?
Yes, and it’s fun. It’s a plea – I didn’t know that. I have to speak, that’s the exciting thing about this role. Sonia has two personalities: she is different depending on whether she is talking to people in her private life or to those she meets at work as a lawyer. I wanted her to be a character when she’s pleading, a moment where she can step onto the stage. Lawyers are there to persuade people and she will press such a word at such a time to make them think.

You like to play characters with character, strong women…
I have this energy: I talk fast, I walk fast, I think fast! That said, for a while I made some cuter ones, as in Oh. Louisa was very sensitive, very generous, and she still had her big doe eyes. At the time ofA grenade to go with it?, a program for young people, my character from Sonia Compagna was very naive. I had a time making girls a little more fragile, good girls, sneering. But playing a leading woman, as in Sleepless nightwho was in charge, I think it was the first time, although I have the impression that he is much closer to me.

You’re a mother of two… Has this full-time role changed things for the actress in you?
We often hear that we don’t know until we’ve lived it, but being a mom has opened emotional doors for me in a sense that it’s deepened my game. There is something instinctive about motherhood, we discover an unconditional love. When I had my kids I couldn’t believe it! I was very careful about what was going on inside me. It brought me back to something more instinctive. It’s like my tool would be bigger and more malleable if I had more finesse. Being a parent has made me less judgmental and more empathetic. It’s easy to have certainties when you’re alone or with a partner. But when we are involved in family life with beings who are different from us, who function in their own way and are not necessarily in our image, we realize that we are not in control. I’m a capable daughter, but you can’t be perfect as a mother. I have more nuance, I’m less radical, and it all brings more flexibility and allows everything to flow more emotionally. It smoothed my game, it softened it.

Photo: Julien Faugere

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We saw you in the movie goodbye happiness. Would you like to make films again?
I would like a big role. On the other hand, as I get older, I get satisfaction from disappearing and being part of something bigger than myself, as in goodbye happiness.

You’ve played many characters for 30 years. It seems to me that I would like to see you in a completely different role, for example as a woman who loses everything, who experiences drama…
That’s exactly what I want! It’s funny, I said a few months ago that I’d like to play a woman who runs into a wall that’s going down. I’m so ready I am Game!

UntenableMonday to Thursday 7 p.m., starting September 12, on TVA.
She will also be part of the series
after the floodscheduled for December on Crave.

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