Here is Vincent Dessureault’s new project after his departure from Salut Bonjour

On Thursday morning, Vincent Dessureault unveiled the new project that would fill his time after his departure Hello Hello.

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Last June, the columnist announced on his social networks that he would be leaving his post on the daily show at the end of the summer. In his message, he went to the trouble of thanking colleagues, friends and viewers, but without giving any details about what awaits him in the future.

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So this Thursday Vincent Dessurault announced what would occupy his schedule for the next few months. Just like his colleague Stephanie VilleneuveShe, who also recently quit her job at Salut Bonjour, is switching to radio.

Vincent swaps one morning show for another when he will be one of the co-hosts ofWe’ll leave it alonethe morning show at the microphone from WKN 99.5Next Melanie Mayard and Julien Poirier-Malj.

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“When the WKND 99.5 station in Montreal contacted me a few months ago, I had no intention of changing jobs. Her proposal lingered in my head for a long time, however, until I asked for a second meeting, then a third. The idea of ​​an almost “talking” radio show, with fun, lightness, but also a lot of topicality and depth, fitted me like a glove. A mix of serious talk radio and lighter music radio, the show of my short dreams. All this with Mélanie Maynard, whom I already adore, the very solid journalist Julien Poirier-Malo and a list of fiery collaborators.
Faque that’s it … I start Tuesday 5:30 a.m. 😉»

Remember, that was back then Etienne Bouley, who co-hosted this show with Mélanie Maynard a few months ago. He had decided to leave his place because the intense schedule combined with his atypical business and family life became a lot at the same time.

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On the other hand, those who got bored of hearing the former soccer player on their radio will be happy to know that this time he will be back on the show as a columnist. He will drop by sporadically, as will the other employees Melanie Couturee, France castecountry Tommy NeroNot.


Starting next Tuesday, September 6th, we’ll be able to hear Vincent Dessureault on the micWe’ll leave it alone. We wish him the best of luck with this new project!

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