English only websites for several anti-law 96 companies

Several companies that opposed Bill 96, the new Bill 101, earlier this week do not respect the French language charter in their public communications The newspaper.

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In a letter addressed to François Legault, around 150 entrepreneurs are asking for the suspension of the application of Law 96, which they say would harm “Quebec’s economy”.

In another passage, the guides state that they are “very proud of French culture in Quebec and of protecting identity.”

Two Quebec company websites that violate the French language charter because they are only in English.

Screenshot of Seratos and 360 Medlink websites

Two Quebec company websites that violate the French language charter because they are only in English.

More than fifteen “criminals”

However, after a count of The newspaperMore than fifteen companies whose boss is a signatory to the letter have a website in English only, in violation of the French language charter.

“The charter stipulates that the websites of companies doing business in Quebec and the information they contain must be available in French,” confirmed spokeswoman Chantal Bouchard.

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Lots of crimes

An example among others, Fiska, a payment platform company based at Place Ville-Marie, offers a 100% English website with “Montreal” without the accent on the “e”.

The newspaper tried unsuccessfully to reach management. The phone message was again only in English.

The same situation applies to other SMEs such as Seratos, Funifier or Streaming Fast, all of which are headquartered in Quebec.

The bosses contacted by The newspaper promised that a version in Tremblay’s language will come online sooner or later.

“It will also be available in French very soon because we have rebuilt the website,” said Robert Ishal of HostKemet, a technology company that provides digital transformation services.

“It’s in the planning stage, but all of our clientele is English speaking. That’s why we use English,” admitted Louis-Rafaël Robichaud, owner of Femtum, a photonics SME in Quebec City.

sorry about the situation

Contacted by The newspaperthe Canadian Council of Innovators (CCI), which published the letter, regretted the situation.

“Companies need to have a website in both languages ​​and they should do it very quickly. I agree with you,” stressed Pierre-Philippe Lortie, Director of the Quebec Section of the CCI.

The latter also concedes that the signing bosses should have been referred to in the letter as PDG (President and Managing Director) rather than CEO (Chief Executive Officer).

“As for the signature part, we didn’t do it in both languages. CEO was the most used and most practical acronym,” said Mr. Lortie.

Three Law 96 irritants for the business community

– The fact that under Bill 96, the period during which an immigrant can communicate with the Quebec government in a language other than French is only six months.

“Learning the French language to be good takes more than six months. I believe this requirement is unsustainable,” believes Pierre-Philippe Lortie, director of the Quebec section of the Canadian Council of Innovators (CCI), who published the letter from entrepreneurs.

– The Francisation Québec service, which will provide tools for the private sector, is not yet available.

“We haven’t seen anything yet, what are the resources, what is the financing, the budget? I dare to believe that the government will talk to our universities. They have ongoing educational programs, they could work with the government to offer French tutoring,” explains Mr Lortie.

– Legal requirements that force companies to operate primarily in French create an additional burden.

The vast majority of technology companies in Quebec are present in international markets and work with teams, very often non-French speaking, with customers and partners around the world, the letter underlines.

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