Quebec companies | An increase in the number of “inevitable” hours worked

(Montreal) Employees and management will have to work more hours in the next three months, more than half of Quebec companies estimate.

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Lia Levesque
The Canadian Press

This is shown by the Institut de la statistique du Québec, which analyzed Quebec data from the Canadian Business Situation Survey for the second quarter of 2022.

The message is clear: “For more than half of companies, increasing the working hours of management or the current workforce will be inevitable”.

A large part of this is difficulties in recruiting or even retaining existing employees.

“In the next three months, more than half of the companies facing work restrictions assume that management (58%) or current employees (51.3%) will have to increase their working hours,” warns the ISQ.

64.9% of arts, entertainment and leisure companies, 63.5% of real estate services and rental companies, 62.9% of hospitality companies are expected to increase the working hours of current staff and 60, 6% of companies in construction.

And in agriculture, forestry, fishing and hunting, professional, scientific and technical services, and construction, management hours are expected to increase.

wage increases

Likewise, more than half of companies (55.8%) expect inflation to become a more prominent topic in discussions with their employees about pay rises next year.

This applies in particular to the catering and accommodation (77.8%), retail (70.3%) and manufacturing (63.7%) sectors.

Many union representatives have already reported that their members are insisting on wage increases that take inflation more into account in order not to lose purchasing power.

more optimistic

Overall, however, Quebec companies are more optimistic about the second quarter of 2022 than in the previous quarter.

But several obstacles still stand in their way for the next three months, including: labor shortages, increasing input costs, hiring skilled workers, transportation costs, and retaining skilled workers.

As for the barriers related to the workforce, in addition to increases in working hours, Quebec companies expect a slowdown in business growth, hiring of less qualified candidates and delays in fulfilling client orders over the next three months.

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