Legault arrested by an unvaccinated citizen and elected officials in Portneuf

Outgoing Prime Minister François Legault was challenged by both a citizen and elected officials during his visit to Portneuf’s equestrian center on Thursday, when he stopped at the popular Ti-Oui snack bar in Saint-Raymond.

A voter who had no taste for poutine wanted to remind him of the last two difficult years she lived as an unvaccinated person.

“I’m a sub-citizen, unvaccinated, so I’ll have fewer rights this fall. I’m just telling you what I think. They will start the vaccination card again, we saw that there was an update in August. We know it’s going to start again, why don’t you say so,” she told the Prime Minister.

“You’re telling old stories,” he replied simply.

For her part, the Mayoress of Rivière-à-Pierre, Danielle Ouellette, has called for a mobile network throughout her commune. Among other things, the mayor of Pont-Rouge recalled the need for his city to give back a secondary school.

“Our biggest challenge is the secondary school we need in Pont-Rouge, but we also have a development challenge. There is law 103 that will block us for future developments,” said the mayor of Pont-Rouge, Mario Dupont.

According to projection site Quebec 125, outgoing CAQ candidate Vincent Caron has a shot at victory on October 3. He also draws a positive balance from his last mandate.

“The record I’m most proud of is being part of it. We’ve been through a pandemic, I’ve been with my fellow citizens from day one. I stayed exactly the same,” explains Mr. Caron.

That said, Conservative progress in the county will be seen with Jacinthe-Ève ​​Arel as well as Patrick Bourson, a much-talked-about independent candidate.

“There’s a lot to look at in schools, health, seniors, employment if you will, it’s a whole amalgam that’s no longer working. I repeat, ask yourself what’s going well in Quebec at the moment,” the independent candidate begins passionately.

“The days of backbench candidates in Portneuf are over, we want a member to push the files forward. We have to put them first, we have to take Portneuf to another level. Access to university studies in Portneuf is very difficult. Young people need to leave the region, so we are losing our part-time student workers,” said Conservative candidate Ms Arel.

The PQ and the Liberals have just announced their nominee in the horseback riding. Literature professor Alexandre McCabe introduces himself for the PQ. While the PLQ just introduced Patrick Hayes, an international studies student.

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