Gino Chouinard at Salut Bonjour: “For a long time I censored my perception of things”

Gino Chouinard begins his sixteenth season at the helm of this year Hello Hello. For the host who accomplishes the remarkable feat of getting up early in the morning every day of the week, the reasons for fulfilling that task have certainly changed over the years, but the main motivations, they, remain essentially the same.

“In the beginning it was about doing Hi Hello. Now it will perform in the Salut Bonjour to provide people at home with what they need to know in the morning. To be honest, I often think of the people waiting for us at 6 a.m., eager for the fresh news of the day. Serving the viewer remains a motivation for me. I still have that need.”he confided to us at the launch of the 2022-2023 program of the TVA network (of which you can discover all our photos here).

And although a lot has obviously happened in the last fifteen years, Gino Chouinard avoids fatigue by appealing to novelty.

“I feel like I’ve got certain things covered, so it’s important sometimes to add new staff and new content, to improve what we have to offer people at home because they need changes too.”he explains.

In that sense, his relationship with the public has solidified over the years because they have been able to see it “his imperfections like his best moments”, “More fragile, sensitive and determined moments”.

“When you’re live for four hours, you can’t play anything other than who you are. »

In recent years we have also noticed a greater willingness and ease to express oneself, to take a stance, to exchange opinions on different situations.

“Any attitude today can have an impact and an impact. It is not easy. However, for a long time I censored myself in my perception of things. I think over the years the public has come to understand certain ways I see situations. When I get involved in something, I think I represent a good portion of the population. My thinking out loud I think resonates with a lot of people in general. I’m doing it as a committed citizen, understandable for what’s happening.”he clarifies.

“It’s never thought out in advance, it’s never prepared, it’s always spontaneous. And often it comes down to a personal question I have and I advocate that it needs to reach a lot of people at home too. »

It should be noted that three new employees will join the team Hello Hello This year. More details here.

On September 5th, the Daily will be taped in front of an audience when the teams reunite on set for the first time for the week and weekend.

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