Allegations against arcade fire singers: Dominique Anglade expects official lawsuits

“Extremely disturbed” by the sexual assault allegations against the Arcade Fire singer, leader of the Liberal Party and great friend of the group’s musician Régine Chassagne, awaits official complaints before passing judgment.

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Since Saturday, lead singer and guitarist for Montreal band Arcade Fire, Win Butler, has faced allegations of inappropriate sexual interactions with four people, it has been reported pitchfork.

His wife and co-founder of the group, Régine Chassagne, is one of liberal leader Dominique Anglade’s great friends. She also signed the foreword to the up-and-coming Prime Minister’s book, This Quebec that lives in me.

Serious allegations

Mme Anglade was asked to respond to that controversy on Wednesday. “What can I tell you, when I read this, I was extremely disturbed. The allegations are serious. In such a situation, I have always said: The victims must be able to express themselves, denounce and file a complaint,” said England.

Should the Arcade Fire group be cancelled? “The victims have to verbalise all of this. And that there really are complaints,” she added.

Butler’s refuted allegations are already showing consequences. Programmers from CBC, WKND, BLVD, and Indie88, among others, have announced that they are removing works from Arcade Fire.

The world Tour WE Arcade Fire kicked off in Dublin this week and calls for the band to be canceled are growing. People are asking for the tickets to be refunded.

For his part, Montreal promoter evenko is still thinking about the training show in Montreal on December 3rd.

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