Twitter | Elon Musk asks whistleblowers to testify

(New York) Elon Musk has formally requested the former security chief of Twitter, who recently accused the platform of lying, to provide documents and testify against the social network in the court case against him.

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Peiter Zatko’s lawyers have indicated that their client will comply with this request.

In a document sent to two US regulators and the Justice Department last month, whoever posed as the whistleblower blamed Twitter for its lack of cybersecurity.

He also accused those responsible at the San Francisco company of publicly overestimating the extent of their fight against fake accounts and spam.

This latest claim is likely to strengthen the line of defense of Elon Musk, who claims to have abandoned the acquisition of Twitter because the company lied to him about the share of these fake accounts and spam on the social network.

The entrepreneur and his lawyers served a subpoena on Peiter Zatko on Saturday, demanding all documents and communications in his possession related to “the impact and impact of fake accounts and spam on the activities of Twitter,” according to the one published by AFP document could be consulted.

The period under consideration runs from 01.01ah January 2019 after receipt of the reminder.

The Tesla boss is also seeking testimony from Peiter Zatko, whom he will summon to testify September 9 at premises near his home in New Jersey.

The whistleblower’s lawyers indicated that he would comply with the request, while specifying that his participation was “involuntary”.

Mr Zatko “wasn’t warning the relevant authorities to favor Musk or weaken Twitter,” the council assured, “but to protect the American public and Twitter shareholders.”

Elon Musk is also asking the former security manager to provide a document related to measuring the number of monetizable daily active users (mDAU), a key indicator of the group’s performance.

In addition, the billionaire wants to receive written traces of lectures that Peiter Zatko would have given to management about the risks of cyber attacks and vulnerabilities in Twitter’s computer system.

He also said he was interested in any documents and communications “relating to Twitter’s attempts to hide its security flaws from investors, regulators and the public,” as well as any traces of “illegal activity” within the company.

The dispute between Twitter and Elon Musk must be investigated in a trial that begins October 17 in a Delaware conventional court and is expected to last five days.

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