Radio-Canada and TVA’s risky bet

TVA management that struggled with success for six years district 31decided to answer.

This is how it works from Monday, September 12 at 7 p.m. Untenable will be faced status, Radio Canada’s daily news. To my knowledge, this is one of the first, if not the first, times that two daily series will go head-to-head on two major competing networks at the same time. On French television, a fan of daily series broadcast at the beginning of the evening, the channels do not take the risk of broadcasting them simultaneously.

On TF1, the daily It all starts here will air at 6:30 p.m. and tomorrow is ours starts on the same channel at 19:10 on France 3, better lifeDaily Series Champions (4610e episode, last night!) will air at 8:20 p.m. The series ends on November 18th. For the same reasons CTV terminated Lisa LaFlamme’s contract, which is “due to changing viewer expectations”! On France 2, the daily newspaper such a big sun will be broadcast at 8:40 p.m.


TVA must have great faith in its daily news to put it in direct competition with Radio-Canada’s. It’s true that viewing habits have changed, that recording has become commonplace in many homes, that various digital platforms make catch-up TV possible, but the fact remains that almost three out of four Quebecers watch live TV, especially at dinner time. The incredible success of district 31 convinced TVA of the interest of a daily newspaper at the beginning of the evening.

district 31 set the bar very high. We didn’t shy away from location shoots or distribution. The intrigues were numerous. They involved a record number of actors and, most importantly, showed that Quebecers love detective stories. With UntenableViewers will follow nine major criminal cases throughout the first season. These processes should allow us to witness police investigations and intrigues.

At Radio-Canada, we rely on the hospital environment and medical intrigue to keep viewers engaged. Even if the bands advertise too often status has upset some viewers are expected to be numerous when the series begins. Most series set in the hospital setting are successful and Fabienne Larouche knows her stuff. She wrote the 26 hours fromEmergency and the 45 hours from trauma, two series featuring numerous specialists, doctors, nurses and other healthcare workers. We will surely find some clones in it statuseven if Marie-André Labbé holds the pen and not Fabienne.


If it were a Formula 1 race I would say status starts on pole position and suchUntenable don’t go favorite We cannot ignore Fabienne Larouche’s impressive experience as a screenwriter and producer. Alone or with Réjean Tremblay, she wrote 299 hours of drama, not counting 2,400 episodes of daily serials.

In comparison, the authors ofUntenable are neophytes like producer Izabel Chevrier, whose husband is renowned criminal defense attorney Richard Dubé. But Formula 1 fans will remember that Max Verstappen still won the Belgian Grand Prix last Sunday! So we can count on anything.

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