Amazing Working Conditions | Fido in the office of the production company Turbulent

Donatello and Indie love spending the day at the office with their master at Turbulent. In a competitive job market, the idea of ​​being accompanied by a dog appeals to many candidates and increases retention, observes Digital Creation Studio.

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Isabelle Dube

Isabelle Dube
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Long before the pandemic and pet craze hit, the Turbulent company had accepted a request from an employee who had just adopted a puppy.

“If the employee left Whiskey at home alone, they would be very unhappy,” says President and Co-Founder Marc Beaudet. At first, the master and the puppy sat down in a meeting room because the animal was too restless. »

“Then another employee got confused because his dog barked all the time when he was home alone,” he continues. A dog suffering from insecurity, now deceased. »


Marc Beaudet, President and Co-Founder of Turbulent

Nowadays, corgis, basset hounds, greyhounds, great danes and a three-legged street dog from Thailand meet in the office. The masters make sure that their animal does not disturb, does not bark and, most importantly, does not destroy the furniture.

While working on the popular video game star citizenin Ubisoft games, on the Ricardo website or on the bug fixing platform PleaseFix, owners tie their dogs to their office chair or workstation.

The company has everything to house these animals: mats, mattresses, bowls and bowls to feed them.

Studies have shown that the presence of animals at work reduces employee stress, increases productivity and facilitates team communication. The President of Turbulent sees this in his squad of video game and computer professionals.

“There are people who have applied here because dogs are allowed,” he says. People feel guilty if they leave their dog at home alone for 40-50 hours. They are also stressed because the dog eats the furniture or barks all day. »

“People who don’t have a dog are happy to have the benefits of having a pet in their workplace. You flatter them and love them, he continues. For the time being only dogs are allowed. Some staff have queues but I didn’t go there. »

Popular with Gen Z

A Léger poll conducted for PetSafe found in March 2022 that 37% of Quebecers would accept their colleagues being accompanied by their pet in the office. 66% of Generation Z employees in Quebec would like their boss to adapt the work environment for animals.

Very trendy on Google, Amazon, Ticketmaster and Nestlé Purina in the United States, only a few Quebec companies allow you to bring Fido to work. In addition to the company Turbulent, Moment Factory and Mondou also officially show it. A Japanese company, the Pasana Group, has decided to push animal therapy to its limits by treating no less than cows, pigs, goats and alpacas in the 13th centurye floor of his building in Tokyo.

“Employers need to make life easier for their employees,” says the Turbulent co-founder, whose earnings have tripled since 2019, from $7 million to more than $20 million this year.

When you tell employees they need to come into the office and have to travel an hour or an hour and a half with no benefits, the office needs to become a welcoming place that welcomes you for who you are.

Marc Beaudet, President and Co-Founder of Turbulent


Benoit Danis accompanied by his dog Donatello, a Dane, and Martin Le Bas accompanied by Indie, a greyhound

Clear rules

Before proceeding with the idea, Chartered Professional Accountants Canada (CPA) advises consulting with the building owner and staff to check for allergies and anxiety, determine what cash is allowed, how many pets are allowed at one time, and a formal one Having a policy explaining liability for property damage or personal injury.

Turbulent did that. The rules are clear, says Marc Beaudet. During job interviews, the company warns that dogs may be present. Those who are afraid of dogs can work on another floor.

“At some point, too many employees brought their dogs with them at the same time,” Marc Beaudet recalls. It barked, it was hunted in the office. They had started playing like they were in a dog park. So we were forced to make regulations because it’s still an office. »

  • Donatello is well behaved while his master is working on a project.


    Donatello is well behaved while his master is working on a project.

  • Indie takes the opportunity to stretch during her master's break.


    Indie takes the opportunity to stretch during her master’s break.


Choose your colleagues

Presence in the office is hybrid, but not mandatory. Employees come when they want and book their workplace via an online platform.

To attract collaborators, Turbulent also has a chalet in Estrie, offers second language courses and an electronic lab with 3D printer for personal projects.

From employee satisfaction surveys, Marc Beaudet reports that they feel the company is benevolent towards them. Turbulent goes as far as terminating contracts with clients who are disrespectful to their employees. “We would rather lose a customer than an employee. »

The turnover rate will be below 5% in 2022 in a context where companies are stealing employees, he argues. “Recruiters no longer call our employees because they want to stay. »

Turbulent, which intends to grow from 150 to 200 employees in the coming months, relies on its exciting projects and the composition of its teams. In addition, the employees themselves recruit the colleagues with whom they work on a project.

“Copying a skate ramp, copying infrastructure, is easy, but creating a dynamic that there’s a good bond in the team, that’s going to create support and make people want to stay,” he concludes.

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