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Should I leave my hair gray or should I dye it? We’ve all been through that. For many years, society has made it the norm to dye our hair a different color when we reach a certain age. Hiding gray hair became the norm and the majority of women spent big bucks two or even three times a month to achieve it. Well, we’re here to tell you a story about gray hair and why you should embrace it. Discussion of the day: Gray hair trend 2022. But in truth it’s much more than a hair trend…

Gray hair trend 2022: tips and stories for beautiful women

Does gray hair age? We are taught to believe in it. However, this is far from the case. The appearance of white hair is a natural process that we all go through. Some cross it earlier, others much later. But at the end of the day, we’re all stuck in one place! Just as it’s harder to lose weight at 60, it’s just as hard to accept yourself when you’re starting to turn gray. Now, keep your pretty head up because there are many perks to having gray locks and we’ll talk about them in a moment!

gray hair trend hairstyle 2022

Gray Hair Trend 2022: Having it is a completely natural phenomenon. Some of us have them in our early twenties or thirties, others after reaching fifties or sixties. Regardless of age, the process is the same. The gray color doesn’t magically spread all over your head overnight and instantly turns you into the silver moon princess. That comes later!

The community of the “Silver Sisters”.

What is Silver Sisters

The Silver Sisters community is filled with beautiful women of all ages who are not afraid to age gracefully. You can find them on instagram with the username @silversistersinternational and get inspired by brave women around the world. The support to be your natural, beautiful self is breathtaking and at times overwhelming. Society’s standards of beauty have been twisted for quite some time as their standards of female beauty are increasingly unattainable. The “Silver Sisters” movement breaks with stereotypes, gives women back their self-confidence and makes them shine again.

Transition colored hair Gray hair trend 2022

How to become confident

Keeping your hair white at 60 and earlier: good or bad? Yes of course ! And how do you accept your gray hair? We’ll be honest with you. The journey of the sprout will be long. About two years if you have medium or long tresses. Of course, you can go all out and get a pixie cut. But if you don’t like radical overnight changes, like cutting your hair very short, our advice is to wait. Of course, you will certainly have skunk hair and maybe even be ashamed of it. But not!

Fellowship of the Silver Sisters

Gray hair is completely natural and even if you go through the early stages of weird roots you will see how well it will blend into your old coloring and you will surely love it. To make this process more comfortable, check out our 2022 hairstyle trends and how to wear them. Otherwise, if you believe that the planets, the stars and the moon have an influence on us… you can try cutting your hair according to the lunar cycles, even performing some magical rituals to take care of yourself!

Gray hair trend 2022: cut Gray hair 60-year-old woman and not only!

beautiful woman with gray hair

The square cut is the coolest cut of the fall-winter 2022-2023 hairstyle trends! Its variants like asymmetrical bob, long bob, boy bob and so on are stunning and suit almost all face shapes!

caused a lack of self-confidence

By curling your hair without heat, you can achieve a romantic look.

overall flower look two-piece pants top flower pattern woman 50 years greece ghanem

How do you look young with white hair? Grece Gahnem not only demonstrates impeccable style, but also confidence ! Here’s the secret!

Stay gray at 60

Trendy gray hair 2022 is spreading like wildfire. Join the community and become a confident Silver Sister!

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