In the middle of their honeymoon, Star Académie’s Jacob gives us the details of his wedding

Jacob Roberge and his lover Annie Payeur said yes on August 13 at a charming venue in Thetford Mines in the presence of relatives, including two academics. The singer took a break from his honeymoon to share his happiness with us.

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Jacob, was it a dream to marry your lover Annie?

We have been together for more than six years now and I was convinced from the beginning of our relationship that we would get married. After only six months of dating, I was already starting to think about it. I remember one day we were at the mall and Annie wanted to buy a ring. I asked him like this, “What ring size do you use?” And I secretly wrote down his answer in my phone! (laughs) In the years that followed, I thought long and hard about how I would propose marriage… In song? intimately? With our loved ones? I even considered asking Star Academy. I bought rings with the Academicians’ nanny and even mentioned to the production that I might propose to her on a variety show. When I finally thought about it, I figured that an intimate request would be what my girlfriend would appreciate the most.

After getting engaged, did you decide on the moment of the wedding?

I proposed on May 22, 2021, just a few weeks after I left Star Academy. It was also the weekend of our fifth anniversary as a couple. My mother offered to give Annie the ring my father gave her for their wedding and I accepted. After the inquiry, we quietly started planning a wedding for Summer 2022… and it took my fiancee no more than a month to shop for her wedding dress! (laughs)

Tell us about the big event…

The ceremony and reception took place at Thetford Mines at the Hôtel du Domaine, which we fell in love with when we visited last summer. We wanted to have a small wedding… Even though we both have reunited families, we were only about fifty people.

You sang at your wedding, right?

Yes, but it wasn’t planned that we would sing at the wedding. We didn’t want to put this pressure on ourselves. But that same week I decided to bring some instruments so people could play and sing on the terrace while others danced inside. In the end we had to sing for at least two hours! We went from The Boxer to Simon & Garfunkel to my composition The long way homepass SomeThe Beatles, A musician among many othersHarmonium, Happy returnby Steven Wilson and Can’t help falling in love, by Elvis. Annie and I also sang a duet by Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper Shallow!

They had invited academics…

Since we had a small ceremony, we only invited a few people from the Star Académie. And not all were available. Shayan and Maëva came and we sang most of the songs together. Shayan interpreted us Perfect and let us go I will.

What will you remember from this day?

The ceremony was particularly touching. I cried the whole time! The reception was also very pleasant and festive. We made a game with the place cards: they didn’t show people’s names but a funny description or joke about them. So people walked around the room trying to figure out which place card best described them. It was really funny!

What are you doing for your honeymoon?

We are currently spending eight days in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic (Editor’s note: last week). It feels really good to relax in the sun like that!

What will be the next step for your couple?

Now that the marriage is over we will be looking for a home for years to come. A child is currently not in our plans.

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