An Even More Extravagant Second Season of ‘Masked Singer’

During the filming of the second season of Masked Singers Soon to end, the four investigators agree that the level is even higher than last year. We were able to meet the artisans of this show during a visit to the set on Tuesday.

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Anouk Meunier admits to having lived this season intensely. “I enjoy research so much,” she confided. This year the investigation is much more difficult, it goes in all directions, but I like that. And we’re always dazzled because those are mind-blowing numbers every time.

In animation, Guillaume Lemay-Thivierge returned to his post with even greater ease. “We quickly saw what worked last year and what didn’t. We go in and have a lot of fun. This season, things are going well at all levels, in all departments, and the performances are well prepared. We also have a bigger audience than last year, which gives a different energy.

Although there are no longer four of them, Marc Dupré has decided to leave the show due to his many commitments, including his return as a coach at The voice, the complicity between investigators is stronger than ever. “A friendship was formed within the group,” said Martin Proulx, content producer at Productions Déferlantes. It works great. They have fun together while each having their own color. Véronic DiCaire is a musical ear; Anouk Meunier, the diligent one who never sleeps to carry out her investigations; Stéphane Rousseau is the guy on the left who is sometimes right, and Sam Breton is… Sam Breton!”

A solid formula

If there was a lot of trial and error in the first season, this second year the production knew more about what to do. “We know the formula better, even if the production remains a very complex program,” explained the producer. People who are in suits, who are hot and throw themselves into space, are so vulnerable. It’s always stressful and not easy. This season was difficult in a different way.”

Contrary to what one might expect after a successful first season, recruiting the masked singers wasn’t as easy as expected. “We are primarily looking for surprising people who have nothing to do with vaudeville,” says Martin Proulx. To have these personalities, you have to work hard to convince them. They knew a little more about what they were getting themselves into in terms of outcomes, but not necessarily in terms of process.”


For this second season, the production wanted to keep the show’s safe values, and apart from the 15 new masks and costumes, only one novelty will appear in the form of a mystery guest.

“The mystery guest will only appear once on set, but he’ll appear again and again because we talk about it a lot,” revealed Guillaume Lemay-Thivierge. We present capsules of references to him in several programs, it is like a long parallel investigation for the investigators. For Martin Proulx he is a very surprising personality who could not have been in the regular cast Masked Singers. Will you be able to debunk it?

The spread of Masked Singers begins Sunday, September 18 at 6:30 p.m. on TVA.

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