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After the sorrow of love sad as wellShe mourns “really busy”. graves. Written “in the darkness of two winters”, this second disc by Gab Bouchard delivers what it promises: it scratches, it even scratches. And at the same time, somewhere between the lines and the chords, it gives hope.

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Marissa Groghe

Marissa Groghe
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Listen gravesWe suspect something very sinister has happened in the singer-songwriter’s life in recent years. Most likely, the suicide of a loved one. “It’s not that I don’t want to talk about it, but the melodies are so clear that I tell myself I’ll let the world make up its own mind,” he told us in an interview.

Gazing directly, Gab Bouchard indulges in a certain openness throughout the discussion. He doesn’t try to avoid our questions, sometimes even losing the thread of his thoughts, wanting to detail his answers. But he prefers not to expand too much when it comes to what inspired the song. It’s coolwho speaks of mourning for a loved one.

Sitting across from us on the floor of a brasserie in the Hochelaga district, the musician nonetheless admits that he wrote the song “before anything happened”. “It was like a premonition,” he says.

He notes how ubiquitous death is, both on this track and the rest of the record. When the tempo is fast on several songs, the themes are very somber. On water hole“much inspired by the lake and my old buddies”, it’s youth and drugs, the lust for life that sticks to the devotion to the party sometimes. remedy discusses heartbreak and ways to freeze the pain (read here: alcohol and drugs). in the graves, Bouchard is talking to someone, hoping life won’t let her suffer too much anymore.

hope in music

Writing these songs was an outlet for Gab Bouchard.

more than the first [album] again, which also helped me to externalize things. With this I have made peace with many personal things. I skirted the question. It’s an album of sadness, but also of questioning, of addiction to many things.

Gab Bouchard

The pain of life is felt throughout the album. His own, those of those he loves, those who recognize themselves by listening to him. Still, Gab Bouchard notes with hindsight that hope is never far away. “There are other things to do than die,” we continue to hear Your shift isn’t over yet. “There are other things to do than mourn for love / There are other things to do than mourn for the days when everything was going well,” he adds in the chorus. The album ends on Althoughwhich promises that inner peace will come one day.

And then there’s the music, which “gives the lyrics a break.” “This album consists of two winters of creation and production. It’s dark and heavy, it’s not really a summer album. But at the same time the music comes to the rescue. I like music that grooves. I like it when it’s fun to play melodies. »

The instrumental album

On the instrumental side, Gab Bouchard’s offer has also prevailed. “I wanted the music to match the lyrics. I wanted the melodies to be good without the words. Funny there wasn’t one for quite a while, I never finished my words. The joke was that it was going to be good, my instrumental album,” says the one who admits to being an expert on procrastination.

The work on the arrangements was “driven to the extreme”. The strings take up space, give width. But not as much as the piano, which is everywhere. “I’ve always wanted to play the piano more, but I can’t really play it,” explains Gab Bouchard. But there, Matthew [Quenneville] arrived. Instead of just working on his songs in pre-production, this time the singer turned to his keyboardist friend, who had joined his band for the first album’s tour. “I kept asking him to come into the studio; Eventually we said we would do all the tunes together, he says. He has really good ideas, but also all the musical knowledge that I don’t have. What I sing, he can do again. I need time. »

The duo listened to a wide range of music for inspiration, from John Lennon’s album Plastic Ono Band to Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino by Arctic Monkeys. months of hard work later, graves finally sees the light of day. Gab Bouchard was nervous for a while about presenting it, afraid that “the world won’t like it because it’s too different from the first”.

He now says that pride has replaced fear. ” I like that. Once I tell myself that, I can’t wait to see what the world will think of it. »


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