A coffee with… Julianne Côté | “I have taken the pulse of the effect I can create”

She played along Ramdam and The cottage. Given the reply to Louis-José Houde. Shot with Xavier Dolan, Stéphane Lafleur and Anaïs Barbeau-Lavalette. A very enviable trip. And now Julianne Côté has added a brand new title to her already well-stocked resume.

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Alexander Pratt

Alexander Pratt
The press

That of the screenwriter.

His first project From Peter to daughter (Tou.tv), in which she also stars, was a success. The audience loved it. criticism too. His passage on the other side of the fence was also noticed by his colleagues. Rare are the performers who dare to put themselves in danger by writing a film or TV series. At just 32, even less.

She settles on the outdoor deck of Station W in the shadow of Montreal’s old Angus factories. The day before he was served four sumptuous meals while filming a cooking show. So no croissant or chocolate this morning. Just a coffee. This page.

I wanted to meet her to find out how her adventure behind the camera went. The writing, the shooting, the launch. Also the reception of peers. Because the artistic community hasn’t always been accommodating with those who wear multiple hats. Think of singers turned actors. To actors who have become animators. To animators who have become singers.

“It went really well for me,” she says happily. Your voice is soft. Its flow, fast. Like that of Daphnée, in which she interprets From Peter to daughter. However, his tone is more assertive than his character’s.

The fact of working with friends I knew on set hut, It helped me. It gave me a lot of confidence. It relieved me of a burden that other screenwriters have when they write. When the writers propose a series, they have to sell their idea. I didn’t have to prove anything to the production people. They knew my humor, the way I express myself. Writing didn’t stress me.

Julianne Cote

As a new screenwriter, did she have impostor syndrome?

” Nope. »

Not even a little bit ?

” Nope. Short silence. “No, but it bothers me a bit, the categorizations. I don’t understand why this is sometimes frowned upon in the industry [d’avoir plusieurs titres]. When a comedian is in a movie, it doesn’t take anything away from me. I love him, Louis-José Houde. I think it’s funny. I find it good. If I had a super beautiful voice, I would make an album. »

– Do you have a beautiful voice?

— When I say that I sing badly, people tell me: Okay, stop it. I love to sing, except I wouldn’t do an album. I wouldn’t go on tour. I don’t have that in me. But I never set myself any limits. Maybe it’s generational. I’m surrounded by people doing many things. My friend Sarah-Jeanne Labrosse is playing in the cinema. you animated. She joins revolution. She’s trippy and she’s good at everything she does.

Sub-specialization is still popular, I point it out. At school, in sports, on the job market, journalist Malcolm Gladwell’s speech is popular, according to which after 10,000 hours of training you can become an expert in a field.


Julianne Côté had coffee with our columnist Alexandre Pratt on the outdoor terrace of Station W.

That’s okay too. I can understand that we have a calling in life. That we want to work in a single niche. But I’m not.

Julianne Cote

His wish? Pursue two careers at the same time. An actress, an author. “Without the game I would be missing something. Except that being an actress is difficult, she adds. “Age and gender don’t matter. There are several levels of problems, such as B. the requested castings or the fact that there is aging on the screen … “Which is not his case. She looks easily 10 years younger than she is. Most would appreciate that. However, getting certain adult roles can be a disadvantage.

“I was always too young. i look too young I have the face I have, I can’t fight it. So now when I come to an audition, I’m just happy. I tell myself if I get the part it will be a nice surprise. Otherwise, I have writing projects that make me happy. I have what it takes to be happy this year. »

“I don’t want to sound like Fred Pellerin,” she continues. But I kind of feel like a storyteller. I can take any vehicle. Not only the game, but also the writing. »


when she wrote From Peter to daughter, whose story is largely inspired by her own, Julianne Côté had no political or social agenda. She was not yet aware of her power as a screenwriter. From the influence of his words. From the resonance of the issues she would tackle. For example, homosexuality. The fact that the character is in a relationship with another woman wasn’t a militant act.

When I decided that Daphnée would be a lesbian, I didn’t think about it [au message]. In my head I just wanted to shoot with my friend Karelle [Tremblay]. I figured I’d be less embarrassed playing pairs with her than with a guy I don’t know.

Julianne Cote

It was the public reaction to his series that made him realize the importance of his writing.

“I have received many testimonials. Much, much more than when I play a role. People have told me about their relationship with their father. Single mothers have told me that their children make them feel like Pierre. Here I have measured the pulse of the effect I can create. »

Another central theme of the series is ambition. Daphne misses it terribly. She waits for the time to pass before going to work in a restaurant bar in the evening. This is also a source of conflict with his father.

Julianne Côté does not share this trait with her character. “I admire people who are full of ambition. I am surrounded by ambitious people. I like that. It whips me. »

“On the other hand, I’m not workaholic. I am very lonely. Especially since I’m writing. I need a lot, a lot, a lot of free time in which I have nothing to do. Fallow days, between writing days. […] If there was a camera in my house, believe me, it wouldn’t do any good show reality tv [rires]. When I was younger I might have been afraid of looking lazy. Because I knew so much about what I wanted to do later, I didn’t push for a long study. But I’m fine with it. »

And what are your own ambitions for the next few years?

To play. Write. And move people.

“When I watch a film, I have the impression that there is a kind of luminous fracture that something touches you. That’s the beauty of acting. Theatre. It means experiencing a moment in your day that you didn’t expect. I tell myself that it would be an honor and a privilege if I could make such small strides in people’s lives. »

Questionnaire without filters

coffee and me

My relationship with coffee has changed over the past two years. I used to drink it like a madman. If we went to brunch, I could drink seven filter coffees. Except that caffeine can trigger panic attacks in me. Today I try to limit myself to two a day. Best decaffeinated.

My favourite place

the bic I’ll never get over it.

People I would like to gather around a table, dead or alive

My grandmother who died during COVID and my mother [morte il y a 30 ans]. They made love awkwardly. I want the three of us to be here and talk to each other.

A role I would have liked to have played

Nicole Kidman’s in birthday. This is really the kind of role I dream of. Everything in power, in anger, like in the opera scene.

A series I would have loved to have written

Big BearSeason 1. It’s perfection.

Who is Julianne Cote?

  • Born May 7, 1990 in Quebec
  • Ella has acted in about twenty television series and ten films including Ramdam, The Chalet, The Ring, You sleep Nicole and It smells like a cut.
  • 2015 Winner of the Geneviève Bujold Prize, given to the best hope of Quebec cinema
  • From Peter to daughter is his first screenplay for a television series.

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