The father of the C-Series enters the Aviation Hall of Fame

Considered by many to be the father of the C-Series, Rob Dewar is on the verge of being inducted into the distinguished club of the ‘pantheon of aviation’. The tribute is individual, but the main prospect insists on sharing rather than talking about it.

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Julian Arsenal

Julian Arsenal
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“Designing these products really takes teamwork, so I really want to acknowledge what the team has accomplished,” Dewar said in a video call The pressOn Friday, on the eve of his induction as a “living legend” as part of the 20thare Living Legends of Aviation Awards, Austria.

As a sign of the 61-year-old’s insistence on giving credit to his colleagues, the word “team” appeared in most of his responses during the interview.

Little known to the general public, this McGill University graduate has spent more than a quarter of a century at Bombardier and is currently Vice President, Customer Satisfaction, Services and Product Policy for the A220, at Airbus Canada.

The 60-year-old boarded the plane, now called the A220, in the early 2000s to then oversee the development of this new plane, which experienced several turbulences before the skies cleared.

The success of the program was far from guaranteed. There were technical, financial and commercial challenges. This is a testament to the perseverance and belief of the people working on the aircraft to continue the work no matter what.

Rob Dewar on the C Series

In the Living Legends of Aviation, Mr. Dewar will enrich a select club where we will find personalities such as the astronaut Buzz Aldrin – the second man to walk on the moon – and Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon, among others, left Blue Origin that see the light of day. Some actors such as Tom Cruise, Morgan Freeman and pilot license holder John Travolta are also part of the group.

The engineer won’t be the only representative from Quebec, as he will join Bombardier’s architect Laurent Beaudoin, as well as Marc Parent, president and chief executive officer of flight simulator specialist CAE.

A purposeful project

Mr Dewar’s career could have been very different. When he agreed to embark on the C-Series adventure in the early 2000s, he had to take a leap into the unknown where nothing was guaranteed.

“I was managing 2,000 people at Bombardier and I was told, ‘We’d love to study this market segment, but there are no guarantees,'” recalls Mr. Dewar. If I accepted this role, I wouldn’t be able to go back and find my old position. Still, it was only a few minutes before I said I was in. »

Although the C Series almost toppled Bombardier because of the billions invested in the program, Mr. Dewar believes the award he has received confirms that the project had a right to exist.

“I’ve spent half my career on this program and if we hadn’t made it it would have been a huge disappointment,” he says. I’m really happy to see that it’s based on solid foundations. »

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    Number of firm contracts found in the A220 order book. The aircraft will be assembled in Mirabel and Mobile, Alabama.

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