No release for a violent pimp

A manipulative pimp who viewed his victim as nothing more than “extra income” with no empathy for what he did to her was denied parole.

“Your behavior is unjustifiable. You have little regard for the consequences she may have experienced, you would care more for those you suffered as a result of the court process,” the Quebec Commission on Conditional Liberation deplores in its recent decision on Samuel Lafortune.

Sentenced to a year in prison last April, the 35-year-old pimp was hoping for a speedy release.

It’s that he has a spouse and children, and pimping isn’t his main source of income anyway, he explained.

A pimp Taxes

But detectives weren’t fooled by the kind words of the pimp who, starting in 2019, sent his victim through hell for months after promising him the moon.

“You’re gradually becoming more controlling and compulsive with her, we can read in the decision. You take all his earnings, you check his activities. »

And when the victim finally decided to cut ties with Lafortune, the latter went to her house to violently attack her.

However, the woman, Tricia Murray, made a complaint to the police. And when the court case was “very difficult,” she was able to get her life back on track while standing on the front lines as the pimp was handcuffed.

“It was a great display of strength, a weight fell, I was proud of myself,” she said protocol.

And the woman who wants to fight sexual exploitation to make a difference did not stop at the verdict.

A false beautiful picture

During Lafortune’s hearing before the CQLC, she sent a letter warning the commissioners about the pimp. This bore fruit, for the beautiful image that Lafortune, beset with questions, was trying to project soon crumbled.

“You realize that you have done everything to keep it under your yoke; Your financial interests and your sense of power took precedence over everything,” the commissioners stated.

Unconvinced of the prisoner’s sincerity, the commissioners therefore refused him any parole.

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