The ARTM lowers its rates in Laval and Longueuil

This reduction – theARTM caused an additional tariff flattening measure – valid from October 1st. temporarily, you will allow for a gradual transition to full tariffs in 2025the agency argued in a press release on Thursday afternoon.

This change results from the entry into force of the new fee schedule for theARTMon July 1st, and the new paradigm it imposed.

Since July 1st, Greater Montreal has been divided into four zones, each comprising: the municipalities of the island of Montreal (A); those of the agglomeration of Longueuil and Laval (B); other cities in the suburbs (C); and seven “outside the territory” communities with which theARTM made agreements (D).

The new metropolitan fare zones

Photo: Regional Metropolitan Transport Authority

In order to simplify the fee schedule, several titles have been abolished or combined, and theARTM has introduced “All Transport” tickets, which allow users to use the transport of their choice for a fixed price, whether it is a subway, bus, S-Bahn or SEMwhich is expected to enter service next year.

For suburban residents who need to get to Montreal—and for Montrealers who need to travel to the suburbs—AB, ABC, and ABCD tickets have been introduced for all modes of transport.

However, if the price of these passes is lower than the sum of those that users had to buy in the past to use several modes of transport in succession, the advantages for the residents of Laval and Longueuil are the proximity of metro stations live, less obvious than for those who do not use other means of transport.

For example, instead of paying $3.50 to travel to Montreal, starting July 1, these users will have to pay $5.25 for the same trip.

The introduction of the new fee schedule for theARTM Provoked dissatisfaction, particularly from the Association du Transport Collective de la Rive-Sud (ATCRS), which said the measure is likely to discourage suburban residents from using public transport.

A drop that will not solve everything

Thursday’s announcement means that pricing for All Modes AB titles will be reviewed. Thus, the price for a passage increases from $5.25 to $4.50; that of two changes from $10 to $9; and the 10 pass one from $45 to $42.50. Reduced fares for under 17s and over 65s will also be reduced accordingly.

And this discount doesn’t just apply to residents who live near Montmorency, Cartier, de la Concorde and Longueuil–Université-de-Sherbrooke metro stations.

In their statement, theARTM emphasizes that all residents of Laval and the Longueuil agglomeration can benefit from this discount, including those who have to use several means of transport during the same journey.

However, the ad is silent on other AB titles “All Modes” (Monthly, Unlimited Evening, Unlimited Weekend) and the RTL/SEM for $105, which can be bought when the Réseau Express Métropolitain starts operating, possibly in December.

Nor is there any mention of the technical limitations that currently make it impossible to prevent Montrealers from buying a metro ticket to Laval or Longueuil in zone A when, in theory, they would have to purchase an AB pass for all modes of transport.

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