In view of the dissatisfaction, the ARTM lowers its tariffs for Laval and Longueuil

The Regional Metropolitan Transport Authority (ARTM) decided on Thursday to cut prices for passages giving access to the Laval and Longueuil metros after users were significantly dissatisfied with the price list adopted on July 1.

Beginning October 1st, all single tickets for circulation in zones AB, ie Montreal, Laval and Longueuil, will increase from $5.25 to $4.50. The price for two passes will be reduced from $10 to $9. And for 10 passages we now have to pay $42.50, which is $2.50 less than originally planned. For the ARTM, this is a measure to “reduce the price difference to the old unit tickets and enable a gradual transition to full price in 2025”.

“The principles of the new tariff framework are based on a metropolitan vision of integrated mobility. They are future-oriented and will last for a long time. However, we find that the demand for travel is increasingly coming from the subway work sleep with more atypical and occasional travel. With this measure, it is easier to make occasional journeys by public transport between the two central zones in the context of restricted mobility,” said Benoît Gendron, Director General of ARTM, in a press release.

For the mayors of Laval and Longueuil, Stéphane Boyer and Catherine Fournier, this new pricing scheme, while not perfect, does bring some relief.

“Several discussions have been held to mitigate the impact of the redesign on occasional users of the Laval and Longueuil metros. We are pleased that the ARTM has agreed to revise the tariffs and adjust the filming according to the information provided. The solution may not be perfect, but it demonstrates the ability to listen to citizens while respecting the new orientations of the redesign. We thank the openness of the members of the board and management of the ARTM for this great news and are proud of the cooperation we have shown to achieve this compromise,” the two mayors said in a joint statement QMI Agency.

For the Association pour le Transport Collective de la Rive-Sud (ATCRS), we are only postponing the problem for later. “We agree with the decline as such, but the problem is that it will increase the price again in 2025. We continue to reject the unit price of a passage, even if it will then no longer be valid,” said the spokesman, Axel Fournier, who can be reached by phone.

For the speaker, the ARTM has also created a title management problem. “It gets complicated because people can’t have Laval and Longueuil tickets on the same card as Montreal tickets. Maintaining two titles complicates people’s lives,” he said.

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