Quebec Bridge Takeover: Quebec Blocks Ottawa-CN Agreement

The Quebec government is blocking the agreement between Canadian National (CN), owner of the Quebec Bridge, and the government of Justin Trudeau to purchase infrastructure between Quebec and Lévis.

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Built more than 100 years ago, the Quebec Bridge requires extensive work.

“The commitment of the federal government is clear, it is taking the bridge back and taking care of its maintenance. And that’s when I hear that the Quebec government, on a whim, is making it not work! We want it to work, but the Quebec government has committed to paying the price. It’s $200 million in the Quebec Infrastructure Plan (PQI) over 10 years,” endorsed CAQ Minister and MP for Charlesbourg Jonatan Julien in an interview with TVA Nouvelles.

The Legault government pays the Canadian national to use the Quebec Bridge. “We want the federal government to settle with CN, but the problem is that Yvon Charest [le négociateur au dossier] negotiated and it’s the stakeholder that pays 50% of the cost of this agreement, it’s the government of Quebec. We say no. We have our commitments on the apron and the right of use. That the Confederation assumes and acquires its obligations [du pont de Québec]’ said Minister Julien.

“The Champlain Bridge, the Victoria Bridge, does Quebec cover half the cost of repairs? Well no! It’s a bad deal he’s offering us,” said Jonatan Julien.

Quebec’s equestrian minister Jean-Yves Duclos disagrees, welcoming the agreement reached between the federal government and the CN and the work of negotiator Yvon Charest. He disagrees with the Legault government’s blockade.

“The Quebec government wants to block this deal. It would be worrying if that were the case. Apparently because one might think that the blocking of the 1st link agreement in the Quebec region, the Quebec Bridge, could favor the arguments for the 3rd link. Above all, it would deprive the Quebec region of very significant funds that the Canadian government could give to our region to restore and maintain an infrastructure that is absolutely necessary,” says Jean-Yves Duclos.

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