Inspired by his life as a couple with a teacher, Pierre Hébert offers a new series of humorous videos

Comedian Pierre Hébert has been in a relationship with a teacher for several years. This year, the spokesperson for the campaign, Prof, my pride! starts a series of humorous videos with the name the life of the teacherthat will bring a smile to your face, whether you are closely or distantly associated with the school environment.

Inspired by his own life as a couple, the comedian illustrates situations from the reality of teachers in a variety of ways. Friends and blondes will not be spared and will surely recognize each other in certain moments of their daily lives.

Presented by the Federation of Teachers’ Unions (FSE-CSQ), the series also stars actress Liliane Blanco-Binette, who plays the role of Pierre’s wife.

Above all, the humorous capsules are a nod to the daily lives of teachers and their spouses, raising public awareness of the many responsibilities teachers must fulfill through their profession. Get ready to laugh!

Accumulation of junk…for better or for worse

Pierre’s wife loves picking up certain items to decorate her class or school, such as old furniture or plastic containers, which she calls “her treasures”. Pierre, on the other hand, calls it rubbish… Did his girlfriend pick up the additional “treasure” this time?

Prepare to meet parents in creative ways

During the school year, the first meeting with parents is sometimes a scary moment for teachers. In this capsule, Pierre embodies different types of parents to help his girlfriend prepare well. Results? The latter have to arm themselves with a lot of patience to survive this famous preparation.

The characters are unmistakable!

Are you in a relationship with a teacher? You will definitely recognize yourself. In this third video of the series the life of the teacher, Pierre presents us signs that do not lie. If you are a teacher, so are you at home!

talk alone

Pierre and his wife come home from work and talk about their day. Although the two are present, they aren’t entirely paying attention to the conversation, giving us access to what’s really going on in their heads. A situation that many will find themselves in!

love evening

Pierre would love to spend a romantic evening with his girlfriend, but she has some small chores to do for school… Will plans have changed after the correction?

series the life of the teacher is a presentation by the Confederation of Teachers’ Unions, Visit their website.

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