Benoît Gagnon shares the reunion of a former Salut Bonjour

Benoît Gagnon made many nostalgic by sharing a photo of the reunion between the former Hello Hello.

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Some will surely remember that Benoît Gagnon was part of the morning show team as a sports columnist in the early 2000s from 1999. He then took on the colossal task of succeeding Guy Mongrain in animation in 2004 before departing in 2007 to take on new challenges.

On Tuesday evening, Benoît Gagnon and Guy Mongrain met again to make up for lost time. The duo was accompanied by another colleague at the time, none other than Ève-Marie Lortie.

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Yes, before you take the helm hello hello weekendThe presenter started out as a news presenter for the morning show in 2003, alongside Guy and Benoît.

The latter, therefore, breathed a healthy dose of nostalgia into his Instagram account by sharing a snap of the three friends and former colleagues, all sitting smiling at the Chez Lionel restaurant.

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“Take time to take time.
That is
I owe him a lot. I was fortunate to have him as captain, to have his confidence, but most of all to learn my craft and get better.
She is the right arm you want in a career. She is the little sister, the partner, the accomplice and the generous one you want in your life.
I love you in your @lortieem and my friend Guy and you are really nice ❤️❤️❤️,” wrote the one we can hear on the radio into Rouge’s microphone.

In comments, netizens seemed both nostalgic and happy for the reunion of this trio, who haunted many viewers almost 20 years ago.

You are beautiful to look at!

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