An unusual prize in honor of Mouffe

Are there many competitions in Quebec? Maybe. But there was no Mouffe Prize, a brand new boost for aspiring French-speaking singers that the Outremont Theater announced this Thursday.

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Dominic late

Dominic late
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“I already wrote a song called Mrs. Pepsi ‘ says Mouffe over the phone, as if recalling some obscure piece of Quebec musical heritage. “The song said, ‘I run the contests, it seems I’ve got it all.’ That’s what’s happening in Quebec. It’s all a popularity contest.”

Popularity is the polar opposite of what will be celebrated by the Mouffe Prize, an initiative of the Théâtre Outremont, of which the legendary lyricist, director and cast member sits on its board L’Osstidcho.

Instead, the award is given to an emerging Canadian artist who writes songs in French that are notable for the quality of their lyrics.

If she was the muse of Charlebois, Claudine Monfette has since become the mentor of many cohorts of singer-songwriters, to whom she regularly opens the doors of her knowledge in workshops and training courses. It is therefore logical that the winner of the Mouffe Prize, chosen following a competitive bidding process, would not only receive $10,000 and the opportunity to play in the Outremont spotlight, but would also benefit from the informed opinion of three mentors (staging , production and distribution of shows).

“Words are my best friends”

Mouffe wanted the award, which bears her nickname, to go to an artist who chose to speak Louise Forestier’s language. “The French language has been close to my heart for centuries,” the 77-year-old designer jokes as she ages.

Words are my best friends because they have multiple meanings, multiple floors, they never end. I will never feel alone or abandoned as long as I can master the words of the French language.


And what is a good song, according to the author ofordinary and Mrs. Bertrand ? “It is a song that pleases the mind as much as it pleases the ear, evoking a universal emotion. It’s a common denominator, it’s the arrow that hits its target right in the heart. But it is also a craft item. It’s made by a human. People think it’s easy to write a song because you hum it, but no, you learn it like you learn to build a chair. »

The Mouffe Prize call for entries will be launched in September and the first winner will be announced in January 2023. But does Mouffe still write songs?

“No, that’s why no one calls me anymore. And if a young musician makes the big wish? “If it’s someone I want to hear my words from, yes, why not? »

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