Cyber ​​attack at BRP | Dealers have headaches too

BRP dealerships also suffered from the cyberattack as the company has still not restored the computer portal that allows them to order parts and schedule snowmobile, personal watercraft and ATV deliveries to their customers. These retailers still don’t know when the situation will return to normal.

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Julian Arsenal

Julian Arsenal
The press

“It’s getting less fun,” says Simon Constantineau, vice president of Autohaus F. Constantineau in Mont-Laurier. Everyone understands, but without being angry, it has to start all over again. »

The portal is essential to the smooth functioning of the commercial relationship between Ski-Doo, Sea-Doo and Can-Am vehicle manufacturers and dealerships. In particular, they get access to the order management system and can order parts.

On Tuesday, a clearly visible notice on the portal’s homepage warned that the “functionalities” of the platform remained “limited”.

“We can’t even know if BRP has parts in stock that we want to order for a customer,” says Virgine Jolicœur, communications director for Groupe Contant, which operates five dealerships (Laval, Mirabel, Sainte-Agathe, Belœil and Vaudreuil). ). “We are locked. I’ve even seen traders ask others for help. »

Late Deliveries

The failure of the IT portal extends the customers’ waiting time for their last purchase. High demand for snowmobiles, personal watercraft, ATVs, and two-seater UTVs coupled with difficulties in sourcing certain parts is now forcing dealers to complete vehicles in their workshops due to a lack of gauges and other electronic parts.

The vehicles are set aside and we wait because we don’t know when the missing parts will arrive, says Mme Favorite. This is our reality now.

Virginie Jolicoeur, Communications Director of Groupe Contant

As shipping times stretch, some customers still waiting for a private watercraft are choosing to skip it, leading to cancellations.

“The order was placed last February and customers are being called to say their private watercraft will be delivered in September,” explains Mr Constantineau. We had some cancellations. Yes we will resell the jet boat but we have to adapt. It can’t be this year. Someone doesn’t necessarily want to spend $20,000 to buy a personal watercraft and put it away for the winter. »

No deadline

Despite the tune-ups offered by BRP, dealers were interviewed by The pressWhen the portal will be functional, he does not know on Tuesday. Without blaming the multinational, the merchants think it’s their turn.

“They prioritized their factory workers who were at home, we understand that,” Mr Constantineau said. We’re told it’s coming for us. We can only keep our fingers crossed. »

For its part, BRP assures that its dealers are “regularly informed” of the “progress” made, a spokeswoman, Mélanie Montplaisir, stressed in an email. The goal is to get things back to normal as soon as possible.

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